Why waterborne paint makes a difference

There are several different types of paint that you can use when getting your car repaired, detailed or serviced. One stands above the rest, however. And that is waterborne paint, a safe and effective alternative to more traditional car paint solutions.

Here’s why using waterborne paint isn’t just better for your car, it’s better for the environment, too.


Waterborne paint is better for the environment

Waterborne paint contains none of the harmful chemicals that come with other car paints. That means using it significantly reduces the amount of hazardous waste released into the environment. It is also much healthier for our employees to use, too.


Waterborne paint has less VOCs

Because waterborne paint has none of the chemicals of other paints, it is naturally lower in volatile organic compound emissions. This means it won’t damage your lungs when you breathe in the fume. It’s better for you, the owner of the car, and it’s safer for the people who apply the paint. You can’t get better air quality than by using waterborne paint.

There is no need to sacrifice quality

Waterborne paint is clearly better than other alternatives in some regards, and you might think that it means the quality is worse as a result. That simply isn’t the case, however. Waterborne paint gives as high-quality finish as just about any other car paint solution.


Waterborne paint actually improves coverage

Waterborne paint contains a lot more pigment than other types of car paint. As a result, this means it provides significantly better coverage. In other words, your paint goes further and looks better. It also means that fewer coats need to be applied, reducing the cost of man-hours that goes into your service.


It’s easier to match colors with waterborne paint

One of the biggest problems with collision repair is matching the color of the newly applied paint with the original paint. This is incredibly tricky and most paints don’t do much to help it. Waterborne paints are different, however. The water-based nature makes for much easier blending and better application, meaning it’s much easier to match colors and get your car looking as good as new.


Waterborne paint drys faster

Again, because of the water-based nature of waterborne paint, it naturally dries much faster than more chemical paint alternatives. This means we need to wait less time between layers and therefore the entire process is much quicker. The result? You’ll have your car back even sooner.


If you want to have your car looking as good as new after a collision, there’s only one place to take it. Here at Chaney’s Collision Repair we are the number one auto body repair shop in the area and we go out of your way to get your car looking great and safe to drive. This includes the use of waterborne paint for all of the reasons above. If you have been in an accident and you need auto body repair, give our team a call today.