Your Braking System: Knowing How To Stop

It is critically important to your safety and others that you know how to stop safely at short notice and at a short distance on the road. That’s why your brakes are one of the most important parts of your automobile.

Your car’s braking system is made up of a whole bunch of mechanical parts and technical sensors, all of which work together to ensure that when you hit the brake your car stops in its tracks.


Most people will be familiar with some parts of their car’s braking system. There are some parts that everyone comes into contact with such as the brake pedal. But there are a lot of other less-well-known parts such as brake line, brake fluids, brake pads, rotors and the master cylinder. Some old vehicles that may still be in use will use drum brakes to stop, but most modern cars now rely on rotors which are more effective, cause less stress and reduce stopping distance. Every part we have listed relies on each other to work effectively to stop your car. It starts with you pushing the brake and ends with your car slowing down. If any part of the system isn’t working well, it can cause your brakes to fail and may mean you crash.


Over a long time, every part of your car will eventually wear down and need servicing or replacing. Parts of your braking system require regular maintenance. A good example of this is your brake pads, which work best when they are regularly serviced and replaced. What your brake pad is made of will depend on the model of your car. Some are made from metallic components and others from ceramic or organic materials. Each time you use your brakes, the material — whatever that is — will wear down. If you don’t repair brake pads quickly, repairs can get incredibly expensive. That’s because additional friction caused by a lack of brake pads can cause other parts of your braking system to wear down and break. This is why it is so important to regularly service your vehicle and get your brakes checked out wherever you go to an auto body repair shop. Here at Chaney’s Collisions, we are experts at inspecting and replacing all parts of your brake system. If our staff say you need new brakes, trust them.


Don’t let any part of your braking system become a hazard for you or anyone around you. If you think there is a problem with your car’s brakes or if you have been involved in a recent collision, come and visit our team today. We will be able to do a thorough diagnosis of your car and identify any wear or damage that your brakes have suffered. If damage is present we will work quickly and effectively to get it fixed for as low a cost as possible. We put your safety irst and will never allow you to leave the shop if your brakes aren’t up to scratch.