What You Need to Know About Salvaged, Used and Takeoff Parts

Did you know that parts from a junkyard could be a great alternative to aftermarket parts? That is, of course, if they are not also an aftermarket part. The good news is that most car parts can be in more than one accident. So if you need a car door for your Cadillac and you find the exact part you need in a junkyard, it’s probably going to be a great fit. That is, of course, unless the Cadillac that had been involved in the collision was repaired using aftermarket parts. In that case, your car door is not going to be doubly worse. Not only has it already been involved in an accident but it is an aftermarket part, too.

Used car parts go through a long process before they arrive at a repair shop ready for use. For starters, an automobile has to be below 70% of its resale value before it qualifies as a total loss. When this happens, it is towed to a salvage yard where it is stripped for parts. Anything that is in decent shape and can be used again is stripped and sold individually. This is how the salvage yard makes money. These parts can only be sold for value if the original title can be verified. That way you know you are getting an authentic part.


Used parts can vary wildly. Every salvage yard is different and while one may take good care of the cars and parts it owns by keeping them in warehouses and boxes, others may leave everything out exposed to the elements.


Used parts can also be damaged during transportation. When an auto body repair shop calls up a salvage yard about a part, an employee will go out to find it. They will then be responsible for checking the condition and loading it onto a truck. It’s very easy to damage parts when they are mishandled. The journey from the salvage yard to the auto body shop can also cause damage if the parts are exposed to the elements or the drive is particularly rough and the parts aren’t secured properly.


Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the auto body repair shop to check and verify each part before using it in a repair. Each part must be inspected meticulously to make sure that it is safe and won’t cause additional damage to the vehicle.


Using salvaged parts can be much cheaper than OEM or aftermarket parts, but it can cause long delays to the repair process. It’s very easy for parts to get lost and replaced. There is nothing wrong with using them, however. When used correctly they are both safe and effective. What’s more, you can trust Chaney’s Collision to do the job properly and only use the finest parts. If you want to find out more about how you can save money on your auto body repair speak to our experts today. We’ll be happy to help.