The best cleaning car hacks to use today

There’s no better feeling than having a clean car. That’s why we’ve put together the following list of our favorite car cleaning hacks.

Use a toothbrush

It might sound painfully slow, but a toothbrush is a great way to clean parts of your car. In particular, use a toothbrush to clean hard to reach places such as your dashboard and your vents.


Use toothpaste on your headlights

You don’t have to leave the toothpaste in the bathroom, either. It is great for making your headlights sparkle. While they can get cloudy when exposed to the sun, use toothpaste and a towel to brighten them up.


Use a Q-tip when the toothbrush doesn’t cut it

There are some spaces in your car that are too small even for your toothbrush. For them, turn to a Q-tip. In particular, focus on your shift and the corners of your vent.


Use Vaseline

If you have a vinyl interior, you can use vaseline to make it really shine. This is a much more in-expensive solution than store-bought alternatives.


Use a Squeege inside your car

You may think the only use of a squeege is only useful on your windshield. But it can also be used to get pet hair off your car seats.


Use rust to get rid of coke

Coke may not be great for your body, but it can be really good for your car. Especially so if it is suffering from rust. Just pour it over areas of rust to remove it. You can then touch up your car’s paint job using nail polish.


Use baby wipes on your windows

You probably don’t want to use water on the inside of your car windows, but baby wipes are a great way to get them clean with no mess.


Remove bugs with dryer wipes

Stuck-on bugs don’t have to bug you anymore. Not if you use a dryer wipe before cleaning to remove them. Give your bumpers a good scrub before washing and it will make the process much easier.


Use steel wool on the outside of your windows

Water and soap don’t always clean your exterior glass as well as you might want. If you’re struggling to get rid of smears, try using steel wool. Just be careful not to scratch any other parts of your car.


Use hair conditioner on your car

Your car should be treated with conditioner after washing just like your hair. Applying a layer of hair conditioner after a wash and then washing it off again will really make it shine.


Your car loves aromatherapy as much as you

You don’t have to pay out on expensive car fresheners that don’t even smell that nice. If you really want to feel great when you get in a car, try using aromatherapy instead. If you have wooden clothes pegs lying around, drop essential oil on them. Attach them to vents and you have homemade, better smelling car air fresheners