How to Tell if Your Clutch Hose is Failing

The clutch hose of your vehicle is an integral component of the clutch system. It’s responsible for transporting the hydraulic fluid. And since it’s a flexible hose, it can sustain damages easily than hard lines. Over time, the durable rubber will get worn out and will need a replacement.

So how will you know if your clutch hose is failing? Here are some of the possible signs:

Little to no resistance on the clutch pedal

A severe sign of a failing clutch hose is when the clutch pedal loses its resistance. This happens when the clutch hose punctures and leaks large amounts of hydraulic fluid. This will make the pedal soft and the car unfit for driving.

This is also a critical situation whenever the fluid hose bogs down in the middle of the drive. If you suddenly felt that your clutch is losing traction, pull over and call for roadside assistance for help.

It’s never safe to drive with a loose pedal. You’ll never know when you’ll need to shift gears abruptly.

Low clutch fluid

A low clutch fluid level is one of the tell-tale signs that the clutch hose has already dried and punctured. This is pretty normal, especially if you haven’t changed the hose for years.

To fix this, you’ll have to buy a new hose and the fluid has to be replenished. After that, the auto expert will also check the resistance of your clutch pedal since the hydraulic fluid dictates its function.

Labored shifting

When a clutch hose incurs holes and leaks the hydraulic fluid, the transmission will be jeopardized. You’ll notice that the transmission will labor whenever you’re shifting or changing gears.

Over time, your car will not be safe for the road unless the hose has been replaced and the fluid is replenished.

Also, it’s good to have the whole clutch system checked when you experienced difficulty in shifting. This way, you can rule out possible problems that may arise while you drive.

What to do when your clutch hose fails

Once you confirm the problem on your clutch house, you should call a mechanic right away. It’s not safe to drive with a failing clutch system. Aside from the difficulty of shifting, it will also affect your control of the vehicle.

Most of the time, failing clutch hoses will be replaced. The fluid will also be replenished. After that, the mechanic will test the efficiency of your clutch and give a driving clearance for your vehicle.

It’s also best to let a professional mechanic replace the hose. Unless you know a lot about cars, the experts can spot other problems aside from the failing clutch hose.

Is replacement the only option?

Take note that clutch hoses are made of flexible rubber. Once it gets punctured, patching it up will do no good. It will only leak again and cause more expensive problems among the way.

Anyway, clutch hoses are inexpensive and refilling the hydraulic fluid shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Also, it usually takes less than a day to fix this problem unless your car has other issues.