Why you should never paint your car yourself

Everyone wants to save a bit of money and try and do tasks themselves. Not only do you get to save a bit of cash but you also get a sense of pride for having done something yourself. However, there are certain times when it is definitely better and smarter to let a professional do the work for you. This is especially true if you have never done the work before. It’s one thing to paint a room in your house rather than hire a contractor, it’s another thing to try to paint your car yourself. Here’s why you should never attempt to paint your own car.   

Why you should never paint your car yourself

You need to use the right type of paint

Painting your car is not like painting your house. Not just any paint will do and it takes an expert to know what kind of paint to buy and how to apply it. This is even trickier if you are trying to paint a portion of your vehicle rather than the entire car. In this case, you’ll need to match the new paint to the old paint which can be very tricky indeed. Searching on Google will not be enough. It takes an expert to know what paint to buy and where from.  

Painting a car is not easy

It’s not easy to paint a car. Firstly you have to apply the base layer, making sure to tape off any areas of the car where you don’t want to apply paint. Then you have to apply the finishing layer to give the paint its gloss. Both stages are very tricky to complete if you are a total novice. Worst of all, it can be difficult to spot mistakes whilst you are working. That means you may have to strip all of the paint you have applied and start again.

It can be even more expensive to get mistakes fixed

Eventually you will realize that you have completely messed up your car’s paint job and you can’t do it yourself. Even if you need the professionals to take over at this point, you are not out of the woods yet. That’s because it will almost certainly end up costing more to have the professionals fix your mistakes compared to if you had paid them to do the job in the first place.  

Don’t get ahead of yourself, leave it to the professionals

It’s clear, if you care about your car’s paint job you should absolutely let the professionals take care of it from the start. While you can find a video teaching you to do almost anything on Youtube, it doesn’t make you qualified to do so. Seek advice from professionals, sit back and relax as your ride gets a sweet new paint job. The money you pay will absolutely be worth the result.