When Should You Consider Paintless Dent Repair an Option?

In Paintless Dent Repair Is NOT Only Helpful During Hail Damage, I have discussed the basics of PDRs and how it lessens the expenses. No wonder it is a popular option these days! However, when should you consider a Paintless Dent Repair?

When you want a cost-effective option to full auto body repairs, then, paintless dent repair can help you remove dents and dings. Take note, this only applies to minor damages on the doors, panels, and roof. If you want the original paint intact, PDR may be for you.

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Still confused if paintless dent repair is something to consider?  

Paintless dent repair is NOT possible if the car suffered paint damage and if there are dents that have ruined your car’s paint. You may still insist to try the PDR option, but the results will not be optimal. Plus, there are additional costs for the paint repair.  It’s better to ask an expert about this because paintless dent repair can greatly vary depending on the extent of the repair.

For best results, paintless dent repair will be a great option if the the damaged area is on an original panel, if the damage is not close to the edge, and if you have a newer car. Usually, PDR will work for car models manufactured after 1990 and the original panel has NOT been replaced.

Auto Body Shops Have An In-House Paintless Dent Repair

Typically, paintless dent repair is available on auto body shops especially when you live in a city that frequently gets affected by hailstorms. Because PDR can be a cheap method of repairing dents, many drivers look for this option when considering vehicle repairs. For sure, old and new commuters are always finding ways to look for a less expensive option in fixing dents.

What to look for in a auto body shop with a paintless dent repair option?

Just make sure the auto body shop’s paintless dent repair section include:

  • The shop has its own PDR-trained technician
  • Have the right PDR equipment to conduct repairs
  • Space is bright and installed with lights that are particularly for PDR repairs

The availability of paintless dent repair really depends on the demand for it. If hailstorms rarely happen in your city,  auto body repair shops may have to outsource PDR, which will mean you will need to provide additional fees for transporting cars.

Ultimately, paintless dent repair  may not be for everyone, but it can appeal to many customers since it is inexpensive. Here at Chaney’s Collision Center, we strictly scan your vehicle’s body in order to check if PDR  can be an option for you. Chaney’s Collision Center will give you a free repair estimate so you can freely weigh your available options.

To guarantee that your car is in pristine condition, go to the specialists like Chaney’s Collision Center. With paintless dent repair, car dents dents and door dings can be fixed. Just consult the experts at Chaney’s Collision Center by calling (623) 915-2886 or (623) 934-9000.  Due to the COVID-19 scare, just call us so we can have your car picked up from your residence.