Is It Wise to Do a DIY Auto Repair?

Imagine this, you got into an accident and the other driver was the one responsible. Their insurance company gives you a check to cover the rear-end damage.  However, you decide not to take your car to an auto body shop. In order to keep most of the insurance claim, you decide to repair the car yourself.

Is this really a good decision on your part? You see, when you think it is just a “minor accident” that you could handle yourself. The truth is that there could be hidden damages that you did NOT notice. There are car damages that may not show up right away. So, now, I will talk about the potential hazards if you do your own collision repairs.

man inside tool shed

Hidden Frame and Alignment Damage

Do not underestimate a low impact vehicular accident because even that can lead to a minor frame bending. The slightest bent lessens the capacity of your vehicle to take in an impact. Problem with the frame may affect the normal airbag deployments when an accident occur. An auto body shop has the equipment to see if your frame is straight or not. If it isn’t, the shop can easily correct the problem.

Also, if your car is not aligned, it will either pull to the right or to the left when you are driving. Aside from that, it can cause an uneven tire tread wear and you will have to change the tires as often and that too can be very expensive. Since you have decided to do it yourself and do not have the proper equipment, then, you will also have to bring out cash for the alignment to be fixed.

Windshield Damages Are NOT Easy to Repair

Repairing your own windshield is already complicated enough let alone replace it yourself. Leave the windshield to the experts! In an instance of an impact that cracks your car’s windshield, doing it yourself it can be dangerous. Remember, a windshield  weighs a lot, and you can easily drop it. You cannot carry it alone. If you decide to ask for help in carrying it, you also don’t have the proper tools to put the windshield in place.

Finding the Right Color Is Difficult

If you think repainting is easy, think again. Finding the exact match of the original car paint is not as easy as you think because cars usually need 2 or 3 different colors. Moreover, a special finish needs to be added to complete the shiny look. When you do it yourself, the automotive repainting may end up a disaster because your car will be full of uneven patches.

Auto Body Shops Nearby Do It Right

When your car needs repair, you don’t need to do it yourself. Auto body shops can handle it best! If you are in Arizona, there are 2 options for you: a) Chaney’s Collision Center at 13148 W. Foxfire Drive 113 Surprise and b) Chaney’s Collision Center at 7161 N 61st Avenue, Glendale. Chaney’s Collision Center will make sure that your car will be in better and safer condition after a minor collision. Most importantly, Chaney’s Collision Center have the right tools to handle structural repair and automotive repainting. (623) 915-2886 or (623) 934-9000 are the numbers to call.