Using Cheap Gas: Good or Bad Idea?

We think that using premium fuel is merely a luxury and cars do not require it. But there’s that feeling deep down that you think that cheap gas may harm your car engine.  Let’s try to answer this pressing question once and for all.

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According to the experts at the American Automobile Association (AAA), there’s NO need to worry about using cheap gas. It’s very unlikely to damage your car by choosing to refuel cheap gas.

Are you sure that it’s safe?

With the advancement of technology, modern cars can easily adapt to the different variations of fuel. The onboard computer on your car can adjust to these changes. Hence, you won’t probably notice a change in your car’s performance by using premium or cheap gas.

Of course, if you just bought a new car, you would be obviously be worried on using a less expensive fuel. You don’t mind spending a few dollars just to keep your car in pristine condition. However, if your car is old, you honestly would not mind using a cheap brand of gas. Either way, your car will still run and you will still be able to cross state lines.

An automotive engineer at the Automobile Club of Southern California shared a piece of advice, “Get the cheapest gas that is near you.” Personally, I think it is really a matter of preference. Why would an engineer like Steve Mazor share this tip if it ain’t true?

The difference is in the additives!

The base gas may all be the same, but there’s a difference in terms of additives. The numerous refueling stations may get the gas from the same oil refinery; however, the different companies add their own mix of additives.

The Environmental Protection Agency mandate a certain amount to reduce carbon emissions and to ensure the safety of your car engine. It is up to the respective gas companies — to put more additives or not — if they wish to promote better performance and cleaning. Again, every fuel – premium or not – are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Gas companies can’t just put this much so they can cut costs.

To be honest, major gas companies just say that they add “secret ingredients,” meaning they add more additives to protect your car engine. But is it necessary to choose the one with more extra additives?

John Nielsen, the director of the American Automobile Association (AAA), shared that buying cheap gas won’t hurt if that’s the only available gas near you. Nielsen further added that it is best to look at the car’s manual to find out what the automaker recommends.

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