Be Careful on These Spring Conditions when Driving (Part 1)

In Watch Out for These Car Damages During Spring Season, I talked about the things that can damage your car’s paint. Typically, in the US and UK, spring are within the months of March, April and May.

yellow flowers under clear blue sky during daytime

Obviously, spring is not yet over so I will list some of the driving challenges during the season of spring.  Let’s face it, springtime also brings in wet roads, foraging bovine animals that have emerged from their long hibernation, and many other driving distraction.

In order to stay safe, the driver should be able to identify possible dangers. Below, I will list the things everyone should be careful about when driving to ensure a safer commute during spring.


    • During winter, most animals take time to hibernate, meaning they lessen their activities, and stay in holes, in caves, anywhere to keep warm. Once spring comes, they will be back with their usual routine and start an active lifestyle. Hence, these animals will start to move more looking for possible food and shelter. Animals crossing would be a common occurrence during this time, and they could appear right in front of your car without any warning. Many animal species are active when it’s pretty hard to see the roads.

    • Next to watch out for are the allergy meds with a drowsiness effect.  Many drivers, including me, have seasonal allergies. Often times, I have runny nose, watery and itchy eyes. Thus, I always drink allergy meds, but these over-the-counter medications usually makes you drowsy. This will be a problem when you are taking a long drive. When in medication, be careful that you aren’t risking your life and lives of your passengers. Before taking any allergy medication, consult your physician or ask your local pharmacist.

    • Once the flowers start to bloom, the warm weather entices people to go out more. There would be other people you will share the road with including bicyclists and other motorist. When you are approaching bicyclists, be sure to give them a lot of space.

    • When the temperature starts to rise, the road speeds increase as well. People tend to be impatient when driving in warmer conditions. Please watch your speed when you are passing areas with many pedestrians are crossing like school zones, parks, and churches.
  • RAIN

    • For most places, heavy rains and spring go together. This also means that you would have to deal with wet roads that could be slippery. If you ask the Federal Highway Administration, they would tell you that almost half of the weather-related road accidents happen when it is raining.When driving during rainy weather, drive slowly and switch on your headlights.


Look for a trusted collision repair shop when a spring accidents happen!

Even if you know about these spring hazards, accidents can still happen. When you get into an accident, take your car to an auto body like Chaney’s Collision Center. The technicians at Chaney’s Collision Center ASE and I-CAR certified. For more information, please visit Chaney’s Collision Center at 13148 W. Foxfire Drive 113 Surprise, Arizona or you may call (623) 915-2886!