Be Careful on These Spring Conditions when Driving (Part 2)

If you have read Be Careful on These Spring Conditions when Driving (Part 1), you would know by now that springtime presents driving challenges aside from the fresh blooms, birds chirping, and picturesque sight. Previously, I have stated challenges such as running into animals, taking meds, passing bicyclists, and many more. Staying safe begins with knowing the possible hazards a driver can encounter on the road.

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To promote a more careful driving, here are common driving hazards during springtime that you should be careful about.


  • Even if winter is over, ice fragments are still during a common occurrence during spring. The tiniest hailstone can make a huge impact and can definitely crack windshields. When you are travel, be careful on the ice fragments falling. Before you go out, be sure to check the expected weather condition. Always check if there are hail warnings in your area.

  • Spring brings more motorists out on the road. So, you have to pay attention to the drivers you are sharing the road with. Be generous when you are giving space. If you see motorcyclists pass, maintain a distance and stay away from them by a car length or so.

  • When snow and road salt mix, they are a recipe for disaster, which can eventually create huge potholes. Driving over potholes can cause problems such as tire problems and steering problems especially if you got into deeper holes. To be sure, you have to slow down when you see large puddles of water. This could be an indication that they are potholes on the road. If you can, never drive into broken pavements and deep potholes.

  • When you run into potholes, this could cause your tires to lose some air.  Thus, you should check your tire pressure every week. Most people don’t even bother checking the air pressure before driving. Underinflated tires will lead to car handling problems and will wear out your tires.

  • Cleaning ice and snow from wintertime can easily exhaust wiper blades. If you have money to spare, get a new set of wiper blades during this season.

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