The Difference Between an Independent Auto Body Shop and a Franchise Auto Body Shop

The performance of your vehicle should be your utmost concern. If you want to the most of your vehicle’s lifespan by keeping it in tip-top condition or if you had a car accident, for sure, you will try to find the best auto body repair shop that is worth every penny.

Searching the right shop could be found online. The list will include franchise operations and independently-owned auto body repair shop. Of course, your eyes will immediately notice the more popular ones what you have heard somewhere before. Sure, they have those posh slogans, but think again, is it equals to quality service?

A franchise is using somebody else’s ideas, expertise, and processes. A franchise also means that they will help in every area of the shop. This also means that, most people who buy an auto repair shop would not want to be involved in the day to day operation. Some people, who opt for franchise, are those who have less experience on the field. Moreover, they are often referred to by insurance car companies because of their cheap price. Well, there are more reasons why you shouldn’t consider a franchise repair shops.

  1. Getting poor repairs.

Repairing a car shouldn’t be done at a fast pace, which means shortcuts to keep up with the volume of waiting customers. Chances of doing the short cuts are common in this kind of workmanship. We are talking about utilizing fillers when the existing original one can still be fixed. Your car could end up with paint over-spray on its trim and that is unprofessional. This means that there was an inadequate preparation and that the sprayer is not doing its job. Aside from the two other mentioned, your car might suffer from terrible paint finishes or poor matching color.

  1. Franchise auto body repair shop does not do the job for you.

Of course, your car insurance company referred you to an auto body repair shop, but it does not mean they were after the quality of their work. They are after its cheap rate so they don’t have to pay too much. You really don’t have to take their recommendations; you can do the searching yourself.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, the franchise shops are great in their slogans to promote their low price to do the paint on the car. The thing is, if your car is in good condition to be painted with the absence of a few repair, then, you don’t really have to have your car painted at all.

  1. Independent auto body repair shops are not that expensive.

You get top quality and guaranteed body repairs in independent shops. Plus, they are not expensive. If your car is well repaired, then, its resale value will be higher and its life span will be longer.


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