7 Important Tips to Avoid Auto Collisions

In the U.S. there are, at least, 32,598 deadly vehicular accidents and 19,103 people died because they did not bother to wear their seatbelts.

4,200 lives or 90% could have been saved if only people used their seatbelts, and this data was only in 2018. An estimate of 3 million people each year is hurt when their seatbelts fail. Each year, there are 3 million people who get injured when their seat belts malfunction and around 40,000 people died from this avoidable defect.

GPS on car dashboar

For your protection, Chaney’s Collision Center reminds everyone to slow a bit and observe these tips.

  • Check the buckle of your seat belt.

Find out if there is indication of damage. Fasten it and pull to see if it is secure enough. Take a look at the stalk for any loose connection.  If there is any retraction delay, slowness or a jerking movement, something is wrong. Fix it right away.

  • Refrain from distractions.

Give full attention to the road. Refrain from using your mobile phone. If something falls on the floor of your car, do not pick it up while driving. All these can only be done when the car is not in motion.

  • Refrain in doing night driving.

Even if your eyesight is good, driving at night is more difficult than day time driving. There is a higher chance for an accident to happen. Remember that a lot of people drink at night to relax. When driving under this condition, the driver tends to be reckless. If you need to drive at night, then be more alert.

  • Do not drive slowly in the fast lane.

If you are driving slowly in the fast lane, you will hinder the traffic. Motorists tend to drive closer to each other and heighten the possibility of tailgating. That is dangerous for the safety of the vehicles behind you and may cause an accident that can result to a domino effect.

  • Maintain your car’s good condition.

Take your car for a checkup at a good auto body repair shop.  Change your tire when needed. Check for a peculiar noise. This will ensure that your vehicle will run perfectly well.

  • Watch out for drivers who will beat the red light.

Be cautious in crossing an intersection when the stoplight is green. Look at both sides and find out if a driver is beating the yellow light so he can pass through a red light. Be very careful when you pass semis like a semi-tractor-trailer truck or semi-trailers that carry freight.

  • Do not drive when angry.

When you are angry, there is the possibility of being more hostile and careless. That increases the chance of a collision.

Finding the Right Auto Body Repair Shop

When you are involve in a vehicular accident, find the right auto body repair shop to make sure that your car will look brand new. Chaney’s Collision Center can do more than car checkups. Chaney’s Collision Center will do body repairs, painting, and recalibration.  They have skilled collision technicians and state-of-the-art equipment. Contact  Chaney’s Collision Center at (623) 915-2886.