Watch Out for These Car Damages During Spring Season!

It’s the month of April once again, which means Spring is here! Spring may bring fresh blooms, warm temperature, but it can also bring allergies to you and damages to your car.

white flowers in shallow focus photography

Below, I have enumerated 4 possible dangers to your car. Do not merely ignore these things for it may bring irreversible damages to your most prized possession.


As birds are happily chirping during spring, they will start to bomb the environment with their droppings. I was a lucky recipient of their bird droppings, and it wasn’t a good experience.

The birds will excrete residues of berries and seeds, and it can easily discolor the coating of your car. Plus, it also contains uric acid that can wear away the clear coating. If you just leave bird droppings, it will stain and these stains will be very difficult to remove.

In order to safeguard your car from the corrosive properties of bird droppings, you should wipe them off using a wet cloth. Please do not leave them out on the sun for long because they will permanently stay on your car.


Springtime allergies are common, but the pollen from flowers can also harm your car. It’s not only you that constantly sneeze during this time because of the pollen. Your cars too get affected by the pollen floating around. How?You won’t easily notice it, but pollen particles can be rough and end up scratching your car. See, the tiny pollen don’t just make your eyes watery; it will also seep through the tiny pores on your car’s coating and it will release a nasty acid that can eat away paint.

To remedy this, wash your car with soap and water. The soap will block the acid forming on the car’s paint. If the acid formation is huge, it will surely cause staining and paint on certain areas will fade. If this happens, contact a company that you can count on. Chaney’s Collision Centers can restore color back to your car!


Because things come alive during spring, a trees and flowers flourish. However, the trees drip sap when they wake up during spring. When the sticky sap drops on top of your car, it will solidify especially on a scorching hot weather. The sap can quickly form crystals and mix into the car paint. Once you will try to remove, it will leave a rough patch. By washing your car, it doesn’t necessarily the sap will be securely removed. Spray the area with rubbing alcohol and wipe it using a microfiber towel.


Spring brings not only birds, flowers, but there are also bugs. Bug splatters won’t really do damage to you, but the bug juices can corrode the paint on your car because they contain certain acids. So, the moment you notice bugs juices, rinse them off with water immediately. It really won’t need an extra tool from you, but by the bug juices dry up, it will be a hassle.


For your car painting needs, Chaney’s Collision Centers can guarantee that your vehicle will be good as new. Chaney’s Collision Centers strive to collaborate with other experts in the coating industry including BASF! You are sure that only the finest coatings are applied on your car!