How to Locate the Perfect Collision Repair Shop

There are many auto body shop in your area but it is difficult to decide on which is the best for your car. Here are some guides on how you can locate the perfect one for you.

Get in touch with your Car Insurance Provider

  • The reason why you got a car insurance is not just because it was stipulated in the Road Traffic Act of 1988; you also want the company to cover the damage or injury cost of the pedestrian, the drivers, and the passengers. Make sure you know your coverage which your insurance can cover. It is good to have collision coverage or a comprehensive coverage to compensate the body repairs of your car.
  • So, when involved in a collision, get in touch with your car insurance provider to help. They could also refer you to auto body shops who are associated to them and those that are near your area. But do not stop there. Try to research to know where you can find a good one. A lot of the shops can work with your insurance plan. It will save you a lot of trouble later.

 Look for a Body Cover Shop that Specializes on Finishing Touches

  • Take time to take pictures or videos of the shop’s previous auto body work. Look at how they did the job and take a look at the details.  This will help you know if the shop has the ability to obtain excellent Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.
  • The good thing about having a good auto repair shop during a collision is that they are there for you at times when there is no emergency. You can ask them to do minor jobs for you.

man standing beside white SUV near concrete road under blue sky at daytime

Know Their Area and Specialization

  • If the auto repair shop is near your place then it will be easy to drop by and check your car. Also, you save on gas. As a whole, stay away from over populated places and big-box shops. Chances are, they are not equipped to take care of your car. Maybe you could get a temporary rental car that the shop could arrange. That will help you go easily from one place to the other while your car is being repaired. If this is not possible, get one near your place or near your job.

Get a Shop that Is Certified

  • Certifications are mostly displayed in the shop’s waiting area or it is on their website. Look for two certifications: National Institute for Automotive Service Excellent (ASE) and I-Car. This tells you that the shop is at par with the standards and requirement to fix particular vehicles that are based on the quality and safety regulations of the manufacturer.


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