Will There Be Serious Problems After Minor Fender Bender Incident?

When you get involved in an accident that caused you a fender bender that dented your bumper, chances are you will not bring your car to an auto body shop. Is that a good decision? Despite of its minor damages serious problems may show up later. When they do, it can be more expensive than if you brought it right away to a collision repair shop to take a good look at the damages.

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Here are the serious problems that may have occurred:


The electrical wiring is fragile that even a slight jolt could loosen some wires. You may not have any hint but one day, you might just experience an electrical short. When this happens your door locks and power windows could fail and the same thing could happen with your anti-theft system. If the damage in your car is a front-end fender bender, your battery could have knocked something loose. The battery may not be able to recharge and that will result to an electrical malfunction. Make sure that you go to an auto repair shop and look for a professional technician to take a look at your electrical wirings after he takes out the damaged part of your car.


One of the effects of front-end fender benders is misalignment of your tires, and the symptoms of misalignment are:

  • Your steering wheel vibrates and may not turn correctly.
  • Your car pulls to the side.
  • Steering wheel is off balanced.
  • Tire wear is not even.

If you do not correct the problem right away then your tires could experience an untimely wear and tear. Eventually, this will prove to be more costly. In addition, it will consume more gasoline. So when you have a fender bender even if it is just a minor one, have a professional technician takes a look at the alignment.


A low speed vehicular accident could damage your car’s frame. You may not see the damage right away because it is either too little for you to notice or it is in a place where you can’t see. It you do not have it checked, then, it can negatively change the efficiency of your air bag when a future collision occurs.  Moreover, it could likewise affect how your car can take an impact especially if it is a major accident. And that could compromise yours and your passengers’ safety!

A good collision repair shop has the equipment that will show whether or not your car frame is straight. Also, it should be at par with the factory requirements of the Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM.


Any damage due to the fender bender can endanger safety. Do not try to fix it yourself unless that is your profession. Postponing may cost you an exorbitant cost in the future. Chaney’s Collision Center can do more than fixing fender bender damage. Chaney’s Collision Center has professionally trained collision repair experts and state-of-the-art equipment. It has been serving the people Arizona since 1977. You can call Chaney’s Collision Center at (623) 915-2886, and due to COVID-19, you can now schedule a free vehicle pick up directly from your home.