Paintless Dent Repair Is NOT Only Helpful During Hail Damage

Small dents in your car can be annoying and bringing it to an auto repair shop and getting in touch with your insurance company is such a tedious task since you can still drive your vehicle.

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Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Your problem could be the cost of repair and premium of your car insurance. There is a solution for your concern called paintless dent repair also known as paintless dent removal or PDR. True that paintless dent is used for hail damage but it can work with big or tiny dents on your car’s paint surface.

What is awesome about PDR is that it will not damage the paint so there will never have unmatched panels after the job is done. This technique does not only lessen the expenses. To guarantee a good repair, go to the specialists like Chaney’s Collision Center. With PDR, various types of dents hail included and even door dings can be removed.

How long does it take for a paintless dent repair?

  • Paintless dent repairs almost all cases can be done in one day. Of course it still depends on the size of the damage, positioning of the car, the number of dings, dents, or creases. For hail damage, it might take a bit longer to entirely eliminate all of the surface damage.

Paintless dent repair compared to traditional dent repair

  •  The traditional dent repair fixes the damage with body filler or paint which has to be the same as the rest of the car’s exterior part. The process will give your car that brand new look, but it will not really resolve the real dent that will give a long-time solution. Other than that, it will take longer and the process is more expensive that it can affect the resale value of your vehicle.
  • Meanwhile, PDR or paintless dent repair does not need fillers and sanding. People are beginning to realize that this process is more effective and less expensive when it comes to simple repair. This way you get more value for the money you spent on your repair.

What can the paintless dent repair fix?

Here’s the list:

  • Slight to big dents.
  • On more current cars, generally models year of 1990 or later models.
  • In instances when there are no cracks or broken paint.
  • When the dent is far from the panel’s edge.
  • When the panel never had an auto body repair.

Look for a specialized PDR technician to do your paintless dent repair

Postponing may cost you an exorbitant cost in the future Chaney’s Collision Center has specialized technicians to answer to your paintless dent repair. It uses state-of-the-art equipment so you know that your car will be as good as new.  Chaney’s Collision Center has been in the auto repair business since 1977.  Chaney’s Collision Center has two locations in Arizona: a) 13148 W. Foxfire Drive 113 Surprise, AZ  and b) 7161 N 61st Ave, Glendale, AZ. If you want to schedule your car repairs, please call (623) 915-2886 or (623) 934-9000.  Due to COVID-19, you can have your vehicle picked up for you. Just call the numbers mentioned above and licensed technicians will be there to assist you.