I Got Into an Auto Collision Accident… What Should I Do? (Part 1)

No one likes to have a car accident, but then, you heard a clashing of metals. Your heart races and there was a gush of energy and your limbs started shaking. First thing you must remember is to stop your vehicle immediately whether or not there is damage. It is a legal obligation.


It is vital that you clear your mind and stay calm. Check yourself and every person who are with you. Safety of yourself and your passengers are more important than any damages. Find out if anybody is whining of a terrible back or pain in the neck, advice the person not to move or walk around. Both minor and major injuries need to be treated so call 911 immediately.


If you can, do not move your vehicle unless it resulted to a major traffic. Wait for the police before you touch anything. But if the accident caused traffic and the damaged vehicle can be driven, bring it to the side part of the road. Change them to park. Turn the engine off and immediately put on the hazard lights on. Should you keep some safety stuff in your trunk for example cones, flares and warning triangles, then put them all around the vehicles.

policeman leaning on sports car's window


Do this immediately as numerous state laws orders that any accident caused by a driver riding on a vehicle whose outcome was damage to property exceeding $1,500.00, harm, death, or having to tow any vehicle must secure an official accident report with the authority not more than 72 hours right after it happened.


Accident whether minor or major should be reported to the authorities. Do not admit that it was your fault. Discuss about the accident only with the authorities, medical people, and of course your insurance representative.

Your insurance policy likewise says that you must not take the obligation or accountability under these given situation. If you anticipate that your insurance company will take care of your claim, allow them to talk in your behalf. That is one of the reasons why it is vital that there is a legal accident report.

Should the other party suggest that you don’t need to call the police and would want to settle the matter between yourselves, it is wise to disagree whether or not it is just a minor vehicular accident. Why? Here are the reasons:

  1. As mentioned earlier, reporting a vehicular accident is your legal obligation required by majority of the states.
  2. The official report will show to the insurer who is responsible for the accident.
  3. The authorities can tell whether or not the car accident was staged. This protects you against fraud.
  4. The adrenalin rush affects the emotions of both parties. If an officer is present, he or she could be a neutral referee and lessens the possibilities of a heated argument between the parties involved. A police could evaluate the situation and knows when medical help is really necessary.

When a car accident happens, it could really be so distressing that finding a dependable collision repair shop could be difficult. After the accident for sure you do not want to stress dealing with the inconvenience of researching for a good auto body shop. Look no further and call  Chaney’s Collision Center at these numbers (623) 915-2886 or (623) 934-9000.


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