Is it Safe to Buy a Car with Frame Damages?

After a vehicle gets into an accident, this will basically affect the structural integrity. Thus, frame damage could cost you tons of money depending on whether it could be or not. In Explaining the Unibody Frame and Full Frame, I was able to explain the different types of car frames. This is why many of the cars with frame damage are found at the bottom tier. The most important question now is, “Is safe to buy a car with an existing frame damage?

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Let’s first discuss the vehicle frame.

  • Back then, vehicle frames are pretty ancient, and they’re basically just a set of rails made of heavy and impenetrable steel. Next, all these materials are combined together.
  • The body of the car and the frame were made separately. After the construction of the body, then, the frame will be attached. Since the advent of modern technology, a unibody frame was invented. In most cars today, the car frame is added to the body work, making cars lighter than before.
  • Also, this new unibody frame was made to absorb immense force from accidents. The frame serves as a protection for the car passengers from the “crumple zones”, the area that deals more damage.

The Basics of Frame Damage.

  • Next, I will discuss the frame damage. Basically, it is one of the worst things could happen to your car. Once a frame damage happens, it means that your car is NO longer structurally safe for use and travel.
  • A bent car frame means that parts of your cars do NOT coordinate well with each other. Moreover, having a damage frame defeats its sole purpose, which is to work together with other car parts to ensure the safety of the passengers.
  • If the parts of your car is unbalanced, it will not functional well. For instance, it will unnecessarily wear the tires, brakes, and steering parts. Eventually, your car will just fail.

Fixing the Frame Damage.

  • To fix a frame damage, first, you have it inspected by an expert. Only licensed technicians can tell if a car is beyond repair. Do not try to fix it yourself.
  • Vehicle frames can be fixed, but it would surely cost you money. So, choose an auto body repair shop with state of the art equipment like Chaney’s Collision Center. If you are certain to repair it, prepare to spend extra bucks.

Should you get a car with a damaged frame?

Economically, it doesn’t make sense. As I said earlier, you will need a hefty amount of money to repair the frame alone. Plus, if the damage is severe, the frame pieces would need to cut and welded again to ensure the structure is intact. BUT THIS WOULD BE TOO COSTLY!

However, if you still want to go for it because you car may be is limited edition, then, send your luxury car to a reputable repair facility like Chaney’s Collision Center. To get a free repair estimate, just click this link. Chaney’s Collision Center has numerous ASE Certified experts to ensure the quality of structural repairs.