3 Common Questions on Car Body Frames

One important safety feature on your car is the vehicle frame. It acts as the skeletal frame of your car, make sure that the car is structurally fit. Most importantly, vehicle frames are not just there to serves as support, but to protect the car passengers as well.

Along with other parts of the vehicle, the frames are there to form a safety system that is beneficial for everyone in the car. Once vehicles collide, inspectors check for these safety features. Are safety features intact? Is the car fit for the road? Does the vehicle frame need to be replaced?

parked grey car

Remember, even the slightest flaw can compromise the safety of your car. Thus, it is important to assess the current frame damage. Below are the 3 Common Questions on Car Frames:

Does a Damaged Frame Mean that the Car Is a Total Wreck?

  • Many think that there’s a frame damage only exists if the vehicle is not useable. To be honest, frame damages can be hard to see, and this structural damage can endanger the lives of people.
  • That’s why new owners of used cars do not have any idea on the actual condition of the vehicle frame. Yes, cars can still be sold even with an existing frame damage. However, before the car can be considered road-worthy and safe to use, the car should be subject to repair.

Will DIY Frame Repairs Work?

  • Sadly, no do-it-yourself can repair the frames. Hence, it should only be inspected and repaired by professionals.
  • Do NOT try to improvise and be creative in repairing it yourself. No, a straightener won’t quickly fix the bent frame.
  • The vehicle frame is manufactured in a way to safeguard the passengers. You won’t be able to forge it into a specific shape that easily. This is NOT a clay that you can easily mold!
  • If you insist on repairing it on your own, you are putting your life and the lives of passengers at risk. So, consult only a professional like Chaney’s Collision Centers to do the repairs.

Is Frame Damage Expensive?

  • Minor frame damage can be costly! Low-speed crashes can be terrible to deal with since the frame damage may eventually deem the car unfit and unsafe for travel.
  • There was a 36% drop on accident-related fatalities, and this is because of the added safety features on modern vehicles today. If there has been any damage to the frame, it may cost you a lot of money to repair, but it will secure your life. That’s why you should only go to a trusted auto body repair shop for your frame repairs.

Restoring Your Car

You are risking your precious life if you continue to use a damaged vehicle. Please don’t hesitate to pay for maintenance and repairs. Once you are fatally wounded, it’s too late; no amount of money can bring you life. To be honest, professional repair shops are pretty easy to find. Chaney’s Collision Centers has been handling repairs since 1977. Contact us for a FREE quote, or you may call now at (623) 915-2886.