How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

Waxing your car gives extra protection to the paint. It will help keep your car looking good as new while preventing scratches or swirl marks. As the topcoat, it also gives an added shine on your paint. But the question is this: how often should you wax your car?

In this post, we will help you come up with a waxing schedule together with additional tips.

Benefits of waxing your car

The first benefit of waxing a car is the added gloss. It makes your vehicle look clean and sophisticated. Aside from that, it also serves as an extra shield for your car’s paint by extending its lifespan.

Take note that unwaxed paint tends to accumulate more grime that can be difficult to remove. Aside from that, the following are other benefits of waxing a vehicle:

*Save money from paint repairs

*Increase car resale value

*Makes car easier to clean

*Protection against sun damage

*Masks imperfections

Should you wax a newly painted car? 

If you just got a new paint job for your car, let the paint cure first. This way, it will dry fully and set into your car’s frame. Waxing too early will disturb the curing process of the paint, making it more prone to chipping and fading. So as much as possible, let the new paint job cure for up to 90 days before you wax it.

While waiting for the new paint to set, park it under the shade or in an enclosed garage. If you are to drive the vehicle, avoid dirt roads or very cramped parking lots where other car doors may slam into yours. Also, don’t drive a newly painted car if it’s too hot or snowy.

Best time to wax a car

For newly painted cars, a waiting period of 90 days is advisable before the first waxing. For newly bought cars, ask the dealer if the paint has already been cured. If so, you can get it waxed right away upon driving out of the lot.

After that, auto experts recommend that you wax your car once every three months. If you don’t use your vehicle often, you can wax it twice a year.

Also, the frequency of waxing depends on the lifespan of the wax product you’re using. Soft waxes fade faster than hard waxes.

However, if you live in a coastal area or an arid place, waxing your car often might be needed. Extreme heat and moisture can wear down the wax layer faster.

Another thing you have to consider is how often you wash your car. If you wash your vehicle often, you can get by with minimal waxing. Your habit of car washing prevents dirt from settling into the wax layer. This makes it last longer than most.

Final words 

Waxing your car is crucial to extend the paint’s lifespan and to make it easier to clean. Also, if you’re planning to sell your vehicle, a sparkly finish will surely attract the eyes of buyers. Aside from that, you can sell it for a higher price.