Good Driving Habits You Should Adopt

Regardless if you’re a veteran driver or a new one, it pays to learn good driving habits. They keep you safe and it also does a good favor for other drivers. This also makes sense, with the escalating number of fatalities being recorded each year.

So if you want to be a conscientious driver, make sure that you develop these good habits:

Driving distraction-free

The moment you turn the ignition on, your eyes should be on the road and your hands on the wheels. Keep your phone hands-free and try to avoid using it while you’re on the road. If you are to use a navigational map, look for a voice-controlled option. This is easier to use and you can control it without the need to keep your eyes off the road.

Use turn signals properly

Turn signals are devised so you can communicate with other drivers if you plan to turn or overtake. Use turn signals regularly and use your blinkers whenever you’re about to change directions. Again, you’re supposed to signal before you turn, not after you do so.

This way, the other driver won’t contest that you didn’t signal if he or she failed to notice.

Be a defensive driver

Being a defensive driver means you’re pre-empting the possibility of another driver or pedestrian making mistakes. By being vigilant, you can act fast and prevent potential accidents.

Also, always scan the surroundings for possible dangers that could affect your driving. Through this, you can plan your track. This is useful during high-traffic hours and if you’re driving in zero visibility.

Keep your car in good shape

By keeping your vehicle in good condition, you’re preventing any hiccups on the road. Aside from that, you’re also keeping other drivers safe. Take note that tires with worn-out tread or a cracked windshield can cause fatal accidents. So instead of waiting for problems to arise, you should solve these little issues right away.

Follow road signs

This is a basic rule taught in every driving school. Road signs keep all drivers safe, and it serves as a reminder of potential harm that could be present. This includes blind curves, accident-prone areas, and speed limits. Take note that road signs are made for a reason. If you keep on turning a blind eye, you may find yourself in an accident or with a ticket.

Stay sober while driving

Drinking and driving are no-nos! Drinking impairs your system, making you less efficient in responding to various situations. Aside from that, you won’t see the road properly. You’re not in good shape to operate a vehicle if you’re at a drunken state. So if you happen to drink shots too many, just hail a cab to go home. Driving will only cause accidents that may kill you or other people.

Keep kids and pets safe

Aside from yourself and the people on the road, you should also keep your kids and pets safe when they are aboard. Young children should be seated in a booster seat. On the other hand, cats and dogs should be in a carrier or pet seat attached to the car seat.