Why You Shouldn’t Drive on Worn Out Tires

It’s never safe to drive on bald and unbalanced tires. Since the tread is already thin, your tires don’t have the necessary traction for abrupt stops. Also, it will be challenging to steer, especially on rainy days. Instead of waiting for something terrible to happen, it’s best to take the necessary caution to prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Bald tires increase the risk of hydroplaning

Hydroplaning happens when water separates the surface of the tire from the road. In this condition, braking and stopping are difficult. This happens when the tread of the tires has worn out and is no longer channeling the water out of the tires.

Hydroplaning increases the risk of collision and flipping cars.

Worn out tires are difficult to maneuver

Aside from making it harder to slow down, worn out tires will also make it hard for you to maneuver. This is very dangerous for high-speed driving and when backing out of a parking lot.

This is why you should get a worn-out tire replaced or repaired before driving. This is especially important if you’re planning to go on a long drive.

Bald tires create too much heat

The tread of your tires serves as a cooling feature, so the tires won’t produce too much heat while driving. When it gets worn out, there’s no gap that will separate the tires from the road. This reduces the risk of blowing out and other tire problems.

Also, it may cause the tires to lose air pressure, which is dangerous. A poorly inflated tire will send your car off its lane, which is also very difficult to maneuver.

Sudden blowouts

It’s every driver’s nightmare to have a blown-up tire in the middle of the road. Aside from the need to change it on the spot, it can also be hazardous at high speeds. Blowouts may also harm other drivers and surrounding vehicles. Tire blowouts at high speeds can be deadly. It may send the tire into a projectile, which may hurt other motorists in the process.

Also, bald tires are less resistant to sharp objects like nails and shards of glass.

Difficulty driving in snow

The reason why you need snow tires is due to its deeper grooves that provide better traction on the road. So if your standard tires are bald, it’s perilous to drive it on a layer of snow. Avoid driving a bald tire in snow as you’ll stand the chance of slipping or skidding. When you lose control of your car, you’re putting your and other motorists’ lives at risk.

Reduced air pressure 

Even though bald tires don’t have punctures, it will still lose air pressure than tires in good condition. And when your tires are poorly inflated, it’s difficult to drive and your engine will consume more fuel. Take note that under-inflation will also speed up the wear and tear on the tires. This translates to exponential damage on your car tires and engine. So when your tires are already bald, it’s time to visit an auto shop.