Why You Should Fix Minor Bumper Damage

Many drivers won’t mind having minor bumper damage on their cars. Besides, bringing the vehicle to an auto shop may not be worth the hassle, especially for busy car owners. However, these small bumper issues can lead to serious problems if left unfixed for a period of time. You’ll be surprised at how expensive small bumper damages can become in a span of months.

Here are some of the reasons why you should never neglect a damaged bumper:

Your bumper will reduce collision impact

Your car’s bumper isn’t just there for aesthetics. It serves as a buffer in case collisions occur. Your bumper is the first thing that will come in contact with a surface to reduce the damage on other parts.

With that, it’s important to keep this first line of defense in good shape. Over time, dings and dents will harbor rust, which will cause progressive damages to your car’s bumper. This will cost more to repair.

Your bumper can cause internal issues.

A damaged bumper is more than its exterior appearance. It can also hide internal issues, especially if the damage is caused by a collision.

Poor vehicle alignment, transmission problems, and frame issues can occur if your bumper isn’t in good shape to cushion force. This is the reason why you should never put off repairs for bumper damages, no matter how small it looks.

A damaged bumper will reduce a car’s value.

If you’re planning to put your vehicle on the market soon, you should have all damages fixed. This includes minor damages to the bumper area.

Dings and dents can dramatically impact the market value of your car. Also, it would be harder to sell since no potential buyers would want to put their money on a damaged vehicle.

So while the bumper damage is still small, it’s best to pay for immediate repairs. This will save you from massive losses once you decide to sell your car.

It can complicate future insurance claims.

Damaged bumpers often have weakened bumper bars. Therefore, if you figure in an accident with damaged bumper bars, your insurer can use it to decline your claim. This is the case even if you’re claiming for another repair.

When that happens, you’d have to shoulder the cost of car repairs after the accident. This will complicate your insurance claims, not to mention that you’ll have a bad record on your insurer.

Trust professional auto shops

When it comes to damaged bumpers, you should only trust professional auto technicians. Unlike amateurs, licensed auto technicians are skilled and trained for the job. In addition, they will ensure that your bumper is well fixed to prevent insurance claim problems in the future.

Getting the problem fixed as soon as possible saves you from hefty fees in the future. Remember that when it comes to car maintenance, you should never underestimate small dings.


Bumper damages may seem minor, but they require immediate repairs just the same. Fixing the damage right away will keep you safe on the road while helping you save more money. Above all, you can avoid insurance claim problems in the future.