How to Avoid a Collision from Debris

Now that the country is opening up after the pandemic and summer activities are going into full swing, more and more Americans are out on the road. Regardless if you don’t travel that much in your car, you’ll agree that there’s always a possibility you might encounter a piece of debris on the road. The debris could be small bits of wood and plastic, traces of worn-out tires, and metal pieces. But no matter how small these pieces are, they are enough to cause a fatal accident to an unsuspecting driver. Below we’ll share with you some tips for minimizing the risk of getting into a debris-related collision.


Drive at a Moderate Speed

Our first and most important tip for avoiding a collision due to debris is to drive at a moderate speed. If you’re driving fast and suddenly come across the debris, there’s little you can do to avoid a collision. On the other hand, driving slower gives you more time to make a crucial maneuver to avoid colliding with the debris. On top of that, the driver ahead of you might hit the brakes all of a sudden without considering how close you are from behind. In this instance, driving at a moderate speed gives you additional response time to step on the brakes and avoid an imminent collision.

Practice the Stopping Sight Distance (SSD) Rule

Stopping sight distance (SSD) is the minimum distance a car needs to top when applying the brakes. Stopping Sight Distance varies depending on the speed of the car. It’s ideal to always follow the stopping sight distance and stay alert for any piece of debris on the road. If you follow the Stopping Sight Distance rule while driving, there’s a good chance you can escape a collision with a timely maneuver.

Avoid Tailgating

When driving on the road, it would be best to always keep an appropriate distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Tailgating or following vehicles ahead of you too closely will lower your response time so much that you’ll be incapable of doing anything once you catch sight of the debris. In this instance, you are completely relying on the driver in front of you to keep your safe. If that driver hits the breaks all of a sudden, there’s a good chance that your car might collide with his vehicle.

Alert the Authorities

Road safety requires effort from everyone involved. Every time you notice debris on the road that could pose a threat to incoming cars or motorists, it’s advisable to alert the authorities of its presence immediately. Your timely report can save someone’s life, and there’s nothing else more important than human life. The authorities will send a team to check in on your report and remove the debris once they find it. When everyone is responsible, it can lead to a cleaner and safer road.


Road debris is responsible for thousands of deaths in fatal accidents each year all across the US. Keep in mind these useful tips while driving on the road, and you can potentially save yourself and your loved ones from a deadly accident.