Why Are So Many Cars Painted Such Boring Colors?

White is the most popular car color, followed by silver and beige. With all the colors on the rainbow, how come cars are painted such boring hues?

Before the era of modern cars, white wasn’t a crowd favorite. Back in the 1990s, white is unappealing compared to the famous red and teal.

So how come car colors have gone a ‘boring’ turn in terms of color? According to car experts, there is some science to it.


The first reason for the popularity of white and light car colors is safety. According to recent studies, black cars are 12% more likely to figure in a car crash than white ones during the daytime. And by nighttime, such risk rises to 47% for black vehicles.

Practical car owners would opt for white, beige, and silver to reduce this accident risk. While it’s not the flashiest option in the showroom, it pays when it comes to road safety.


When the world welcomed the new millennium, the color trend shifted to silver. It signifies the advancement of the tech world. It also coincides with the popularity of stainless steel appliances.

As the 2000s unfold, white has become a big trend. We have to thank the rise of the Apple brand for this trend due to their iPhone colors. Over the years, white remained the most popular car color.


Contrary to some beliefs, light-colored cars aren’t the hardest to maintain. In fact, dark shades are more high maintenance since it shows swirls and spots more than light ones. And while white-colored cars will show dirt more than black, it’s usually easier to clean.


We also have to go back to the basic principles of colors when choosing the best car color to get. Black colors absorb more heat when placed under direct sunlight. On the contrary, white and light colors will deflect most of the sun rays to keep the car interior cool.

This is the reason why sales of white cars go up during the summer season in states like Texas and Florida.


While this finding isn’t conclusive, car manufacturers found that males have a higher preference for white cars. And if the guys would go for flashy colors, they often opt for red or orange.

On the other hand, the ladies prefer a more low-key color like brown or silver. Still, many women prefer white cars due to the safety and comfort it brings.

Lower cost

Mainstream car colors like white and gray are cheaper than flashier red, orange, and yellow. This is because specialty colors take more time to produce, thus the higher price tag. Aside from that, specialty colors also entail longer waiting periods than white ones already available in the showroom.


White, silver, and gray cars may look bland for those who want a bolder color. Still, these color options are popular for the safety, low-maintenance nature, and lower cost they bring. In case you change your mind, you can always have your vehicle repainted with the color of your choice. Just make sure that you go to a trusted auto body shop.