What You Need to Know About Green Tires

Over the years, tire manufacturers are becoming more environmentally-conscious. As an effort to reduce the impact of tire production on the environment, they have come up with the so-called Green Tires. These tires don’t necessarily have a green color, but they are called as such due to their fuel efficiency, reduced noise, and better grip in poor weather. Most importantly, it’s produced with nature in mind.

Aside from the production phase, green tires also have advantages when it comes to the fuel economy of a vehicle. The following are some of the things you need to know about these innovative tires:

They reduce fuel consumption

The biggest benefit of green tires is that they consume less fuel than standard rubber tires. Remember that your tires consume about 30% of your fuel, so changing to fuel-efficient wheels will make a significant impact.

In fact, a study in the UK showed that low rolling tires like green tires could cut fuel costs by up to £200 ($250) in a 20,000-mile journey per year. Although it may seem like a small amount, this will add up for those who are always on the road.

They reduce braking distance

Green tires have also been found to reduce braking distance compared to standard tires. If you are driving at a steady speed of 50 mph, your braking distance will be reduced by up to 65 feet.

This reduces the risk of accidents, especially for busy roads. Still, green tires don’t give you the green light to drive irresponsibly.

They provide lower rolling resistance

Green tires are also known for their low rolling resistance. This aspect influences the fuel consumption of your tires, so when you reduce the rolling resistance, you’re also reducing fuel use.

You shouldn’t worry about the grip since green tires function as efficiently as standard tires.

Green tires are made from a combination of synthetic and natural rubbers. This allows manufacturers to experiment with the depth, tread, resistance level, and other characteristics of the tires.

Some caveats

While it’s true that green tires are beneficial for driving, they also come with some downsides. Since they are a low rolling type, you may notice a difference in the maneuverability of your car. Nevertheless, it’s not so much that it will endanger your safety.

Also, to ensure that your green tires will have excellent braking capabilities, look for one with a decent traction rating. An A rating is the advisable level.

In addition, you should also know that green tires don’t come cheap. It’s best to compare the fuel savings against the cost of the tire to know if you’re really saving money.

Final words

Going green is beneficial for your vehicle and the environment. It also adds safety to your driving experience, as long as you get a premium model.

Moreover, you should know that green tires have their own share of trade-offs. They aren’t perfect yet, but they could soo revolutionize how we drive.