Typical Car Repairs by Seasons

Car repairs happen all year round. Still, some issues are more prevalent in specific seasons than other periods of the year. So to help you prepare for the worse possible scenario, we’ve listed here some of the typical car repairs by seasons including its possible causes.


The cold season is when cars experience glitches on the heating systems. About 40% of the car problems during this season are related to heater system failure and about 30% is on the windshield wiper motor and windshield washer.

Since drivers heat their cars often during this season, the heating system is subjected to constant wear and tear. Another reason here is that the heating system has been idle for months and is suddenly put in full blast.

Also, drivers use their wipers more often during winter as snow accumulates on their windshield. Paired with freezing temperatures, these systems can easily bog down. The fluids also thicken in these parts, which aggravates the risk of failure.


Spring is a fairly gentle season, so the heating and cooling system of the vehicle doesn’t have to labor as much as it does in winter. With this, most of the repairs conducted during Spring is related to the trunk latch, brakes, steering, wheel speed sensor, and suspension.

Since the Spring season is dry, more dust gets stuck into the oil which will become grime. This will get stuck in the timing chains and cause problems along the way. The mixture of dust and oil will likely impact the lifespan of the timing belt or chain.

Another common repair during Spring is the window motor/regulator. Since it was shut close during winter, drivers usually discover that it’s inoperable during the hotter months.


As the total opposite of winter, the summer season is when AC failure is the most prevalent. Aside from that, drivers often drop by the auto shop to have their cooling fans repaired. Among the common summertime repairs are window lift motors and fan clutch.

As the summer season approaches, it’s best to have your AC and fan system checked. It’s a proactive approach to prevent overheating and other problems once the outdoor temperature rises.

Take note that most of these summertime vehicle issues are predictable. Regular checks will save you from the hassle.


Like Spring, Fall is when the summer temperature tones down and the environment prepares for the winter season. It’s also the season where heater systems start to fail and when the timing cover gasket sustains damages.

Also, many drivers experience problems with their engine distributor, air springs, and window lift during this season.

The increased mileage during the summer vacation will contribute to the degradation of the air springs and suspension systems. Also, window lifts experience excessive wear and tear during summer when the passengers subject it to regular use.

Final words

Professional mechanics best attends these common repairs. Regardless of the season, it’s imperative to keep your car in good condition. This way, you’ll have a smoother drive wherever you plan to go.