The Importance of OEM for Auto Body Repair Shops

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is one option that you have when repairing your car. OEM parts are manufactured by the same company that created your car. With this, you can guarantee quality and fit. Also, OEM parts ensure warranty and it doesn’t void any guarantees that the brand or seller put on your vehicle upon purchase.

So why is OEM important? Why not try aftermarket parts?

OEM vs. aftermarket parts

Aside from OEM, another option that you have for parts replacement is aftermarket parts. These are off-brand and can come in different materials, fit, and quality.

The biggest advantage of off-market parts is its lower price. However, using these may tamper your vehicle’s warranty.

Of course, you have the option between the two. However, you should know that OEM is essential due to the following reasons:


Aftermarket parts have a wider selection than OEM since many manufacturers produce their own versions. This may sound like a good thing, but it also comes with a huge risk. A wide selection means varying fit and quality. Unless you can risk it, you’re better off investing in OEM parts.

OEM parts are made specifically for each car model. This takes the guesswork out of choosing the components that suit your vehicle.


Aftermarket parts are indeed less expensive since the market is saturated with endless options. In fact, aftermarket parts could be 50% more affordable than OEM parts, making it the top choice among drivers on a budget.

However, with aftermarket parts, you’re getting what you paid for. Some parts have a poor quality which will cost you more money in the long run.

Although OEM has a high upfront cost, you have peace of mind that it will last long. If ever glitches occur, the brand will have a warranty in place to protect your purchase.


If there’s one thing that OEM parts have that aftermarket options don’t, it would be the luxury of warranty. All OEM parts come with a reasonable warranty, much so because it’s produced by the same brand that created your car.

So whenever the parts experienced defects, you have peace of mind that you can get a replacement for no extra cost. Also, auto shops that use OEM parts prioritize road safety and the performance of your vehicle.

As much as aftermarket parts may work, auto shops can’t guarantee its long-term performance.

*Safety regulations

If there’s one thing that OEM gives, it would be safety. OEM parts meet the safety standards imposed by the car manufacturer and the automotive industry.

Since OEM parts have undergone intensive quality control, you have the assurance that it will have unfailing performance once installed in your car.

Final words

OEM parts are made for a reason: to ensure your safety while driving. Although it costs more than aftermarket parts, every cent is worth it due to its quality, warranty, and exclusivity to your car model. Besides, responsible auto body shops swear by the performance of OEM parts all the time.