The Fundamentals of Car Repair (Part 2)

In the previous post, I talked about The Fundamentals of Car Repair (Part 1), which includes the importance in knowing the car repair charges, the tips to look for the right technicians, and the tips in finding the car parts.

man refilling motor oil on car engine bay

This time, I will about preventive car and possible car problems to anticipate in the future.

Preventive Care

Do not delay on your car’s preventive care; otherwise, it might result to a bigger problem later on. Do not forget the regular care and neglect the small things. It might cost you your warranty.

When it comes to the guidelines of your car care, do what is written in your manual. The auto repair shops may follow their own schedule. If there is a difference, go and talk to the shop and let them explain their suggestions.

Safeguard Your Auto Repair Investment

When it comes to warranties on repair, there is no standard. You have to know for sure what is covered in your warranty and put it into writing to avoid misunderstanding. That is because there are many types of coverage here. Call your state attorney general or local consumer protection agency for your rights.

Car dealers sell service contracts, and the prices differ. However, most of the time, the coverage is flexible. It is based on various aspects like cost, repairs to be done, where the job will be done, etc.

Should there be problems in billing, warranties, and the kind of service rendered, do the following:


Be sensitive to strange sounds that weren’t there before or smelling an unusual odor. Droplets of fluid is something you should not worry about, but it should be the wet spots. Colors of the wet spots depends on where the leakage is coming from.


  • If you have a leak on your engine, a black oily or dark brown liquid will show.
  • A red spot tells you that your power-steering or transmission have a leak.


  • Are you experiencing a pleasant, moist odor lately? Well, that means a coolant is leaking.
  • A heavy sharp odor tells you of a burning oil. Find out the source.


  • Screech – A high frequency penetrating metal noise while you are driving came from the brake indicator, which is sign that it needs maintenance.
  • A thumping irregular sound – It may tell about a loose shock absorber. Check your suspension component as well. But it could also be a loose muffler or exhaust pipe.

The Feel is NOT right!

Do you feel something is wrong?

Steering Wheel

  • If your steering cannot do a straight line or going elsewhere, then it could be because of the twisted front wheels or the tattered steering parts.
  • Now, if the steer goes to the right or to the left, it could be that your tires need inflating. On the flip side, it could me a misaligned front end.

There other concerns like the car engine, the transmission, the breaks, and the handling of the car.


When you think something is wrong with your car, do not think twice. Bring it to Chaney’s Collision Center. To schedule an urgent repair, you can call Chaney’s Collision Center at (623) 915-2886.

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