The Fundamentals of Car Repair (Part 1)

The best way to prevent car repair rip-off is to be ready for it.  You should learn how your car operates and to recognize the possible issues. You should, likewise, know how to pick a skilled mechanic, know the types of inquiries to ask, and know your rights as a customer.  

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How to Pick a Repair Shop?

  • Ask suggestions from family, friends, and people you trust. Do not wait for an unfortunate accident to happen before you look for auto repair shops. You wouldn’t want to rush into a decision, would you?
  • Go online, use your phone, and find the best deal. Read the warranty policies when it comes to repairs.
  • Check the most recent licenses of the shop if the state requires it. You can also check your local consumer protection agency to find out if there are complaints on a certain auto repair shop. If there are, then stay away from them.

Pick the Right Technician

  • Look for more recent certificates displayed in the auto repair shop’s wall. An example is Automotive Service Excellence or ASE certification. All the body repair technicians and in-house mechanics at  Chaney’s Collision Center are ASE Certified and I-CAR Platinum Certified.

Know Repair Charges

The best way to start is to ask how much the repair will cost. There are shops that practices flat rate when it comes to labor. Their rate depends on their or manufacturer’s calculation based on hours that will be spent to do the repair. Some jobs charges on actual time or the mechanic spent on the repair. It is always good to ask for a second opinion.

Most of the auto shops charges for diagnostic time. Make sure you ask if they do before showing them your vehicle.  To avoid misunderstanding, do not close the deal verbally. Always ask for a written estimate. Why? There are reasons for this, such as:

  • The estimate should determine and state the repair to be done, which includes the needed parts and labor fee. The written estimate should be signed.
  • The auto repair shop should coordinate with you should there be an additional work to be done.

As for the car parts, there are the things you should know about. Here are the categories:

  • OEM 

    • Original equipment manufacturer creates pieces with particular details for the car manufacturer. These parts has of high quality but a little bit more expensive.

    • This type of parts have been fixed to make them work again. Usually, a lot of manufacturers give warranty for the parts that will be changed.

It is good to know the types of car parts used so that we do not become a victim of dishonest sellers. Now, you can decide which type of parts you prefer considering your budget and how available it is. Aside from this, determine if you are thinking of improving the performance of your car. If your answer is yes, then chose the more excellent parts.


When something has to be done to your car, look no further because Chaney’s Collision Center is the answer. Chaney’s Collision Center can do any car repair job for you and offers other car-related services like window tinting, automotive refinish, and paintless dent repair.

To schedule an immediate car repair, please call Chaney’s Collision Center at (623) 915-2886, and an authorized personnel will be right over your place to get your vehicle. This is help you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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