Questions To Ask At Your Local Repair Shop

When your car breaks down, you almost always have to take it to your local repair shop if you can’t fix it yourself. It might seem like a simple enough task until you realize that there could be dozens, if not hundreds of repair shops all around your city. This makes it quite difficult to narrow down which shops you can trust with fixing your car and which ones aren’t even worth a try.

5 Questions You Need To Ask Every Car Repair Shop

If it’s your first time visiting an auto repair shop, here are some questions you can ask them. They should help determine if you’d actually want to do business with them or not.


1. Is your shop a member of any associations?

It’s a way to ascertain whether or not the parts, equipment, and the manpower of your repair shop of choice are up to par with the industry’s best. Membership guarantees that a shop’s services are regulated and that they meet stringent standards.

Members of the AAA, Autocare, ASP, or NAPA are required to meet a certain level of excellence, thereby ensuring the quality of their services.


2. Are your technicians and mechanics certified?

Look for shops with certified technicians and mechanics on board. Having certification gives you the assurance that your vehicle is in good hands. It guarantees that the people who are working on your vehicle know all the ins and outs of repairs and restoration.

Some certifications even go as far as accrediting technicians who specialize in a specific car model or manufacturer. They can repair the oldest or latest models of the vehicle they specialize in.


3. What kind of equipment do you have?

The cars of today are a lot different from how they were years ago. Hence, the skills and equipment needed to repair them have likewise changed with the times. Always choose companies which keep abreast of these changes. This is so your vehicle is repaired in accordance with the latest industry standards.


4. Do you have customer references I could talk to?

Shops who deliver top quality service will not shy away from boasting about their successful repair jobs. Request them for customer references who you can personally get in touch with. Ask them about their overall experience.

Don’t just buy into customer testimonials found at a shop’s blog or their printed ads. If a repair shop truly delivers stellar work, they’ll have nothing to hide if you want to hear about their services from another customer.


5. What is your shop’s rate?

It is always prudent to know the hourly rate that shops charge. On average, some shops charge $20.00 per hour, although others may charge more.

You always have the option of choosing a shop whose rates work best for your own budget. But keep in mind that shops who charge very low prices may provide less than adequate service.

If an auto repair shop passes all these questions with flying colors, chances are you’ve found the best place to entrust your car!