How to Sell A Damaged Car

A damaged car doesn’t have to be a total loss of investment. It’s still possible to make money out of it and sell it for a good deal. Following are some tips for selling a vehicle that’s taken quite a beating.

7 Tips That Will Make It Easier To Sell A Damaged Car

Tip #1 – Have your car assessed

The first thing you should do is determine whether you can sell your damaged vehicle. According to standards set by the Association of British Insurers (ABI):

  • Category A vehicles can only be crushed for scrap so you can’t sell it.
  • Category B vehicles can be salvaged for parts which you can recycle. You can sell these parts but not the vehicle itself.
  • Category S and Category N vehicles are the only two categories where it’s possible to sell.

Tip #2 – Make sure there isn’t any damage to the car chassis

Most people would never buy a car that has sustained damage to the chassis. Repairing it won’t be enough since it will continue to cause problems. If the chassis is damaged, consider a replacement if you really want to sell your damaged car – and only if the cost is justified by the sale value.


Tip #3 – Get some work done on the damaged vehicle

If you have a Category S car that sustained structural damage, consider having its frame restored or repaired. If it’s a Category N car that didn’t sustain structural damage but may have damaged parts, then you should have them repaired or replaced.

Any work done on a damaged vehicle will improve your chances of selling it. This can also increase its sale value. Selling a damaged car as-is may not get you much money, or you won’t be able to sell it all!


Tip #4 – Check for repair and replacement warranties

When having work done on your vehicle, talk to the service provider about repair and replacement warranties. You can use them as a selling point when looking for buyers.


Tip #5 – Request a history check

Think several steps ahead and have the history of your vehicle professionally documented. Potential buyers will appreciate it. A history check proves that a car has been legally obtained and doesn’t have financial obligations.


Tip #6 – Find a car dealer or direct buyer

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to sell a damaged vehicle without a car dealer or a direct buyer. So you need to look for potential buyers in your area. Direct buyers usually offer more attractive rates. Car dealers might try to rip you off to increase their revenue once they sell your car to someone else.


Tip #7 – Be transparent about the damages to your car

Once you find buyers who are willing to purchase your vehicle, be open about the damages it sustained. Present photos of previous damages and show them first-hand what kind of work has been done.

You should also consider hiring a car inspector. It serves as proof that your car no longer has damage and has undergone necessary repairs, replacement, and restoration.

Altogether, these tips will make it easier to sell your damaged vehicle.