How to Do The Bounce Test?

Do you experience vibrations while driving or nose diving while you brake? Perhaps, it takes time for you to stop your car or your vehicle bounces frequently. Well, perhaps it is time to do the “bounce test.” This will confirm whether or not your car needs to change its shocks.

Go to a parking lot with few cars parked or a clear open space. Put your engine at rest and strongly accelerate. Then, strongly step on the brake. If there is something wrong, then your rear end will go on bouncing. Another indication is that if the nose plunges to the ground when you brake, it is your front shocks that has a problem.

You have to put a little bit of exertion when you do the “bounce test.” Go to a corner of your vehicle and try to push it down. The minute you let go of it, your car will bounce up. Should your car bounces more, it is time to change. You must examine closely even if you did some previous testing.

You must determine whether or not your shocks are smooth with no dents, straight no bends whatsoever, and clean as a whistle which means no oil. Any of these circumstances present that only means your shocks is worn out. Also, take a look at your tires, if one or even two of them have flat spots, your shocks are permitting your car to do unreasonable bouncing.

man fixing car

Here are more tips to check your car’s shock absorbers:

  • Examine the front of your car. Go to a flat road and see if your car is completely level.
  • If you are aware of the specs of your car’s suspension you can measure its height. Is the specs of your car’s suspension the height you have just measured are the same? If not, then that means you should have that checked by a professional auto shop like Chaney’s Collision Center.
  • Go to the front of your car and push downward this is done to know if your shock absorbers are feeble. This should be done after you have finished the steps above.
  • Put a foot on the bumper. You can also use your knee on one part of your car that cannot easily bend or dent. Once you have determined the spot, put all your weight in it while pushing it downward and immediately release. If it does not go back to its former position and keeps on bouncing more than twice, then your shock absorbers are feeble.

Change Your Shocks and Have it Done Quickly

There are 3 kinds of shock absorbers: McPherson Struts, the plain shocks, and the coil-over shocks. If you are changing plain shock absorber you have to use a floor jack, essential hand tools, and jack stands. If your vehicle is a pickup truck and you are changing the rear shocks, it will take only 20 minutes that is if everything is uncovered. On the other hand, other vehicles and Sedans needs more time as you have to take off the interior trim, seats, and molding. You have to make sure you can do the lifting procedure correctly and the torque fasteners carefully placed correctly.

If you want to do away with all the hassles of changing your shock absorbers, bring your vehicle to a good auto car center. Look no further because Chaney’s Collision Center can help you with your shock absorbers. All you need to do is call Chaney’s Collision Center at (623) 915-2886.