All You Need to Know About Car Detailing

People may think that car detailing is just like car washing. In a way, it has something to do with car washing… BUT with a big difference.

The job of a car wash is to take away the dust, dirt, salt, and grease that was collected in the exterior of a vehicle. This involves what is at the bottom of the car, but hardly, the inside. Meanwhile, car detailing’s goal is to make your vehicle looking new, not just outside but inside as well. This means, people who do this task, are not only trained but extremely talented. They implement a tested method to bring back your car to its original state.

What Does Car Detailing Do to Your Car?

The great thing about car detailing is cleaning every corner here, there, and everywhere. This means, the inside part of your vehicle will also be cleaned. Yes, the kind of cleaning you cannot do by yourself. Then, the outside will not just be clean, but glossy as well. The detailers utilizes tools and cleaning agents. And the result? Factory freshness!coca cola glass bottle on black textile

Monetary and Health Advantages

For sure, your interior undergoes a lot of damages not just due to soda, coffee, dirt and mud. There’s also factors like cigarette smoke, grease, and many others. The mats, carpets, and upholstery are screaming for a good cleaning. It is not just healthy for you, but it can impact the value of your vehicle.

Increase Your Car’s Value

The cleaner your inside car is, the better chance you can sell your car at a higher price point. When a buyer sees that the engine is clean, then, you have a good fighting chance in being at the top of your buyer’s list. It gives you the confidence to show off your car to any possible buyer out there.

The Cleanliness of Your Car

A future employer will scrutinize everything about you. And he or she will look at the whole package. This is the same with a filthy car. The minute anyone sees that your car is not clean, it will tell them that you are not organized and that will be a turn-off to anybody. Let’s face it: your car speaks about you.

A Healthier Environment

Well, a lot of people fail to realize that the many germs lurk inside their car. With the many billions of germs inside your car, it is not a far-fetched idea that it affects your health.

Imagine this, while you sit there driving with your family, you are surrounded by a lot of allergens and germs. Many people spend most of their time inside their vehicle and that is not just twice or thrice a week, it is more or less 6 to 7 times a week.

Think about the kind of air you take in your lungs. Research tells us that the air we breathe inside our cars are even worse than air we breathe in our office and at home.

Remember those food crumbs that fell from your mouth down to your car mat? Thanks to the added support of your kids and even your cuddly pets. There are always a big chance for the germs to huddle down comfortably and increase in numbers. A doctor even said that your vehicle is the stinkiest mode of transportation. Why? Because people do not clean or disinfecting their cars.

Every time you open your A/C, the air you bring in your lungs came via the ventilation system and it has lots and lots of road dust, germs, car discharge, and mold spores. Change your air filter every so often because your ventilation system is the residence of bacteria.

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