Things to Know Before Attempting to Buy a Used Car (Part 2)

In Things to Know Before Attempting to Buy a Used Car (Part 1), I discussed that before buying a used car, there are some things you need to know first. So, I talked about the importance of knowing the history of the vehicle, checking the interior and exterior condition of the car, verifying the Registration Certificate. Today, I have more tips share to you:

Verify the Mileage of the Car

Check the mileage by looking at the number in the odometer and divide it by the age of the car.

Mileage is one way of knowing how the car was used. A vehicle with a high mileage has more chances of damage on its mechanical parts. If in a short period of time the car has a high mileage, it only means that the car was used very and white car speedometer

Test the A/C System

Oh, you need cool air during summer so you better start checking the air-conditioning unit of the secondhand car. Check the compressor if it has a leak or even a slight crack because that could suddenly jump off to a major concern later on.

Look at the sticker at the condenser of the A/C unit to know the kind of coolant used.

Check If There Are Scratches and Paint Job Done

Look out for folds, scratches and dents. Chose a used car that has only tiny scratches that can be fixed in a jiffy or a car that is clean and looks brand new. Oh, don’t forget to inspect for rusty areas in the car or even paint chips inside and out. Do not panic when you see a localized rust patch that can easily be fixed so go ahead and keep your prospects in mind.

Inspect the Trunk of the Car

Inspect the spare tire inside the floor and see if it is still in good condition. If it is not, then it must have gone through a collision weeks before. See if there is water and rust that may result to cracks and holes. If there are a lot of things you saw, make sure you know, more or less, the cost to fix them. That will help you decide whether or not to purchase the vehicle.

Examine the Car Seats

You need comfortable seats when you and your family travel, right? So, go ahead and examine how capable the car seats are. They indicate of how the past owner took care of them. If it is full of dirt and dust and stain at some parts of the seat, this tells you the owner did not do a good job of keeping it clean.

Verify if the car has heated seats and try to see if they are still working well. Find out the material of the car seats so you know if they need a replacement pretty soon.

Inspect All the Car Lights

See if emergency, signal lights, headlights, including the tail lights are working well. Check even the led light bulbs inside the car. If it has xenon lights find out if at night there is a disparity in the color of both headlights. If the xenon light is not as strong, then, it needs to be changed. Check the electrical part of the car such as CD, radio, music installation, parking sensors and parking camera.

Chaney’s Collision Center can help you check the secondhand car you want to purchase to assess its condition. Bring the car over at the Historic Downtown of Glendale, Arizona. Chaney’s Collision Center is located at 7910 N. Glen Harbor Blvd. For more information about car repairs, you may contact Chaney’s Collision Center at (623) 915-2886.