How Can a Car Battery Be Charged?

How can you possibly recharge your car battery when there is something wrong with the terminal ends?

When your car has a problem in its electrical system, your car will not move. The usual source of this problem is the car’s battery. Well, it could also be the starter, alternator, wires, or fuses. Let us not discount that it could also be the terminal ends of your car battery. These ends link your battery cables to the battery. Here is the solution of having a problem with your terminal ends and how to replace.

Identify the Symptoms

You turn on the ignition, but what you hear is just a clicking noise. This means that there is something wrong with your energy supply to turn the engine on. If it does start, the engine does it slowly.

When you turn on the headlights and it is no longer bright, the problem is in the electrical. Likewise, other parts that depends on electric are the  navigation systems and the audio components.

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Locate the battery

Now, let’s go and take a look at your battery. Usually, it is under the hood, but there are some batteries that are located either in the rear seat or at the trunk.

Look at the terminal ends of your battery that joins the battery posts. Typically, the terminal ends has covers, but not all of them are. Raise the covers and see if there is any corrosion as this affects the starting of the engine, electrical problems, and faint lights.

Detach the car battery by releasing the clamps, and start with the negative clamp then the positive one. Do not allow contact to other metal parts while you are doing this so as to avoid short circuit. When the terminal ends are broken, change it right away.

Change the battery terminal ends

First, change the ends by utilizing a wire cutter to split the ends of the cables and make it near the joining point. Use a utility knife and peel away at least one inch of the cable insulation to uncover the wires. If they have corrosion at its ends, take a utility knife. If not, use a sandpaper to take out all the waste or debris.

The next step is to change the existing ends with recent ones. Fasten the lug nut tightly and with your other hand, hold to the terminal end. Then, pull the cable, but make sure that the connection is securely fastened. Do this with the other cable and connector.

Another choice is to replace the whole battery cable. Test your work and start your engine, turn on the lights and correct the audio system. If it does not work, then time to go to a professional mechanic.

How to Recharge your Battery

Make sure that there is no current flowing through the battery charger. Each charger works a bit different from the others so read the instructions carefully.

Put the charger’s red clamp to the positive terminal of the battery. Shake it a bit to make sure the connections are tight enough. Plug the charger and activate.

Most of the battery chargers have 2 to 6 amps and charging of a dead car batter may take a lot of hours. Check the instructions to make sure you are doing it correctly.

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