Five Things You Can Do To Modify a Car

When modifying a car, you can definitely change the style and its performance in various ways. But do not be too hasty.

Be cautious not to endanger the safety, legitimacy, and operation of your car. To give you a guide when you drive your newly modified car, here are the things you need to prevent.

Never put parts that can change the handling

To a lot of people, car modification is improving the vehicle with a more current such as new tires, suspensions, and brakes. You must have seen it in a magazine or in an online article.  You imagined how it will fit in your everyday vehicle changing it to a slick and smooth car on the road.

It is not just a matter of having new parts and putting it in your vehicle because there are a lot of types of performance and security matters you need to study first.

If you want to put in new wheels and new tires, make sure you find out if it is approved by the auto manufacturer.  Make sure you have enough space between your bodywork and tire. Likewise, check the approval of the manufacturer if you want to put in new brakes or suspensions. You might jeopardize handling, which will make your car illegal.

No headlights with unsuitable colors

You want your car to stand out after the modification so you thought that wacky headlights, which isn’t the normal colors of white or yellow, will look good in your car. True, but if you attract the wrong crowd, you will find yourself in great trouble.

Know that the legal regulations for vehicles is to have a headlight that is largely white or yellow light. The taillights on the other hand has to have the red light on its rear. To make sure, check out the lighting laws for your state.

Do not take off, hide, or change the plate number of your vehicle

Do not just think of aesthetics of your newly modified car and take off the plate number or even move to any part of your vehicle that will make it hard for people to read it.

All vehicles are mandated to obey the rules on this matter whether your car is new, old, or modified. The plate number should be in the right place following the standard typeface and spacing.

If you do not want to make any mistake on this, do not touch the plate’s position. Leave it where it was before the modification. That way, you are sure that people can read your plate number clearly.

Do not use a noisy exhaust

It is usual for modified cars to have a flashy noise-making exhaust but before you even think about doing it, know the noise regulations you need to follow.

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Should you want a third-party exhaust, find out if it was authorized for usage and if it followed the road noise rules. It is not also allowed to build changes to a factory-fitted exhaust that is louder than what is usual.

No TV for the drive please

If you wish to have a in-built TV screen found in luxury cars and have the money for it, do so but make sure that it will not divert the driver’s attention and not seen in rear-view mirror. Any moving images that the driver can see while driving is not allowed by law.

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