The Benefits of Installing a Lift Kit

There are people who feels great riding a truck that is way off the ground. Body lift kits are created to lift your vehicle two or three inches higher than its normal height.

This is by means of utilizing a high grade nylon spacer in the midst of the frame and the body. The suspension lift kits are done to lift trucks up to whatever height the vehicle owners’ desire. But is there a downside to it? So before you even decide to have one, let us first go through the benefits and the downsides pf a lift kit.


Lift kits are created to alter the kind of attribute of your vehicle ride. A lot of lift kits are not costly and cheaper than suspension lifts. The reason is due to the fact that the shocks were not moved while the procedure was being done.  There are no changes in the shocks is required for lift kits. For those vehicle owners who wants to go to rough terrain, lift kits the tires makes a lot of space while keeping the factory suspension jeep wrangler on dirt road during daytime


Installations of lift kit takes a lot of time. If the body has to be lifted screw back to get it in place. The frame is more seen than when it was before the lifting.  The space are visible in the fender wells which is more of a disadvantage of a lift kit.

Sadly, because of the positioning of the body, factory bumpers cannot be elevated along with the body. The frame is not clear. Well, you can always use the gap guards on the frame if this is the problem. Likewise, this kind of lift prevents a good performance..


Despite the fact that the body lift kits can only raise one to three inches in height, the suspension lift kits can be elevated up to the level that the driver can consider relaxing. The vehicle owner needs to buy larger tires if the owner want to. This type of lift allows the suspension greater articulation.


The troublesome thing that is hard not to notice is how irritating it is to be climbing up and down of the truck. So, before picking a monster truck,think of how you and your family will climb up and climb down from it.

Remember that this type of lift is a bit of maintenance. The other parts may have to be changed now, and then, this could add up to your piling expenses. These kits are costly after all the adjustments are done.

Do note the most important point: installing suspension lift kits can nullify a few warranties on your vehicle.

To sum up…

Body lift kits are great if you do not wish your truck to operate in another way. The feature of the drive stays as is when the lifts are concerned.  If you just like the raise to be some inches higher only incurring no obstacle, this is just the kit you need. On the other hand, if your desire is more on monster truck experience, then suspension lift kits are perfect for you. Your truck can go as high as your money can go.


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