Credentials Every Auto Body Repair Shop Should Have

There are a lot of auto shops to choose from. But remember that not all auto body repair shops are made equal. So when you figure in a collision or your car needs an overhaul, it’s important to choose a shop with the right credentials. Such credentials are proof of the shop’s ability to handle specific car problems. Also, it will protect you from any liability should issues arise during the service.

Most importantly, the following credentials will guarantee that the auto shop is allowed to operate or provide specific services. So before you ink a contract, make sure that you ask for the following credentials first:

ASE Certified Technicians

The ASE Certification of technicians comes from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This organization tests and certifies automotive professionals. The certification is considered the standard measure of competency among car owners.

Technicians who plan to work or establish an auto shop should secure an ASE certification. This test requires at least two years of on the job training. Another option is one year of on the job training and a two-year diploma in automotive repair.

If you are to choose an auto shop, make sure that their technicians are ASE certified.

AAA Approval

AAA or the Automobile Association of America grants approval to auto body shops that have met its stringent standards and testing requirements.

An auto body shop with AAA approval has reached a high level of repair, process, technique, and service quality. If possible, always look for one with this certification because it’s not easy to secure.

Aside from that, AAA members may enjoy exclusive discounts.

I-CAR Certification 

I-CAR is a non-profit organization that promotes quality and technical training. They have a focus on the collision industry, ensuring that whoever gets their certification meets a strict set of criteria. I-CAR is one of the most recognized organizations in terms of collision repair standards.

So if you happen to figure in a collision, it’s best to look for an auto shop with an I-CAR certification. It’s a guarantee that they have the equipment, skills, and certification to execute quality repairs.


Optional credentials

Aside from the three technical and important certifications mentioned above, it also pays to look for this additional certification:

BBB Accreditation 

The Better Business Bureau is an organization that rates and accredits businesses based on their performance and customer reviews. BBB is a reputable platform, so it’s best to check your choice of an auto shop on their website.

An auto shop with at least an A rate and accreditation from BBB is a great choice. Here, you can also read customer reviews and how the shop responded to resolve the issues.

Final Words

Choosing an auto shop for your vehicle should be based on proper certifications and credentials. This way, your vehicle will be in good hands and you are protected from any liabilities. It’s best to shop around and compare your options.

Although some shops may charge a higher fee, it could be worth it if they have the credentials to prove the quality of their work.