The Way You’re Driving Is Hurting Your Car – Here’s Why

You can be the most careful driver and still end up damaging your vehicle. The worst part? You’re probably not aware of it.

If you want to take better care of your car, you need to know the many ways …

How To Protect Your Car From Potholes

Potholes are some of the most overlooked causes of car damage. There tends to be more of them during hard winters and rainy seasons though you could also find them on ill-maintained roads and off-the-beaten paths.

Sizes can range from …

How To Prepare Your Car For Summer

Summer is a much-awaited time of the year. At least, for those who prefer the summer heat over cold winters. But did you know that it’s also one of the worst seasons for your car?

Just imagine exposing your vehicle …

Here’s Why Your Car Won’t Start

Nothing is more annoying than being stuck in the middle of the road with a stalled vehicle. Unlike a collision where it’s easy to check for damage, there could be dozens of reasons why your car isn’t starting. And more …

Here’s How To Increase Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

With gas prices continually on the rise, fuel efficient cars have lately become all the rage. Many car owners are now switching to vehicles marketed as “fuel efficient” even though some of them guzzle gas like there’s no tomorrow.

You …

Don’t Drive On An Empty Gas Tank

When the low fuel sign lights up, it means there’s still some gas left in the tank even though it reads empty. You might have driven around with a blinking fuel light at some point – and that’s perfectly fine. …

Your Car Is Faded. Now What?

When people look at a vehicle, the first thing they’ll notice is its paint – from the vibrancy of its color to the sheen of its polish. Your paint job can leave a lasting impression, which is why car manufacturers

What You Need To Know About Aftermarket Auto Parts

Aftermarket is a term that gets thrown around a lot when talking about auto parts. Other common terms you may have heard include OEM, alternative, imitation, and salvaged parts. But what exactly are aftermarket car parts? And how will it

What To Ask Your Mechanic Every Time You Get Your Car Serviced

The cost of having your car serviced can pile up if you fail to get involved. Mechanics might take advantage if they notice you keep agreeing to their every recommendation. In other words, all you do is say ‘yes’ to

What Are Your Rights As An Auto Body Shop Customer?

As a car owner, you can’t always rely on DIY  fixes for vehicle repairs. You’d have to take it to an auto body shop at some point. But did you know that as a customer, you also have rights?