How To Keep Your Car In Great Shape For As Long As Possible

Just like your home, a car is a huge investment. You’d want to keep it looking and working great for many years to come. Keeping your car in shape will save you money since it barely has to undergo repairs.

The basics of collision repair

At some point in your driving life, you’re probably going to be involved in a collision. Hopefully, it won’t be serious. But either way, you need to know what to do when it happens. Knowing what happens during a collision

Minor accidents can cause major damage

Small accidents are the most common kind of accident. The vast majority of drivers on the road have been directly or indirectly involved in a small fender bender once in their lives. They don’t cause much damage and very often

How to tell if your car needs new brakes

Your vehicle’s brakes are one of the most important parts of the entire car. When they start to fail, it is crucial that you get them repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. Your car is simply not safe to

How to care for your car’s new paint

One of the upsides of being involved in a collision is that your car will usually get a brand new paint job. This is necessary to make sure that all of the repairs don’t stand out and the vehicle looks

How to avoid rear-end collisions

Do you know how many accidents involve rear-end collisions? Almost one-third of all accidents occurring in the United States are rear-enders! That is a huge amount of accidents causing a lot of damage! Rear enders can cause serious damage to

How often should a car’s wheels be aligned?

One question that we hear regularly from customers who are having serious repair work carried out on their vehicles is how often they should get the wheel’s of their car aligned. The truth is that most cars should be able

How are different types of body damage repaired?

No vehicle is immune to damage. Whether it occurs as the result of an accident or of something more innocuous such as the weather, sooner or later your car will get damaged. The important thing to know is how the

Collision Repair of Trucks vs. Cars

With the preference for larger vehicles becoming stronger over recent years, the discussion about repair cost and extent of damage is no stranger to most car owners. In fact, last 2017, the demand for light-duty trucks were up by 4.3%.

Clearing up Car Insurance Myths

There are so many myths surrounding car insurance that many owners get misinformed. With a need to understand insurance policies, it’s imperative to debunk these myths and set the facts straight. Such clarification will also help drivers come to an