5 Sounds That Could Mean You Need Auto Body Repair

Have you ever been driving along as normal only to notice a strange rattling sound coming from somewhere in your car? You turn off the radio, but it’s not that. You come to a stop but you can still hear

Why you should never do auto body repair yourself

A lot of drivers think that they can do auto body repair themselves. After all, how hard can it be when there are so many how-to videos on Youtube? Dent repair, paint job repair, and windshield replacements are all things

Why you should find an auto body shop before you need one

You never know when you are going to need an auto body repair shop. No one expects to be involved in a car accident—but dozens of people are every single day.


Crashes can be horrific experiences, but the problems

What to do when you crash out of town

Nothing turns a vacation or a road trip sour quicker than a car crash. Going from having the time of your life to being in an accident can be incredibly jarring. And it’s even worse when you aren’t in your

How to tell if your car was repaired correctly by an auto body shop

You get the call and your car is finally ready for collection! It’s been a long time since your crash and you’ve been through the entire procedure. You called your insurance company, you got several quotes, you found the perfect

How to protect yourself and your bank account during collision repair

Being involved in a car accident can be a harrowing experience. Forget about the damage to your car—which can often be extensive—crashes can leave you severely traumatized. Unfortunately, when you are in a shocked state like this, insurers and some

How to avoid hitting animals and subsequent collision repair

One of the most common reasons that customers come to us at Chaney’s Collision Centers is not because they have been in an accident with another car, but because they have hit a wild animal when driving. Wild animals, particularly

What’s the difference between an auto repair shop and an auto body repair shop

To many unassuming customers, auto boy shops and auto body repair shops may sound like the exact same thing. They both repair damaged cars, don’t they? Well yes, just like all surgeons repair your body, both auto body repair shops

Always get a second opinion on auto body estimates

Auto body repair technicians are experienced and trained experts—just like a doctor. But every so often, just like a doctor, they can give you a diagnosis you aren’t happy with. If this happens to you when you take your car

What To Do When You Find Hidden Auto Body Damage During Repairs

Collisions can do untold damage to your car, and that damage can often extend beyond areas that the eye can see. That means that when your insurance agent pays you a visit to inspect the damage on your car and