Arizona Driving Hazards to Be Aware Of

Just like any state, Arizona has its own road hazards. Depending on the environment and your driving condition, accidents may happen from time to time. The good thing is that there are ways to prevent such harm from happening to you. The following are some of the common hazards in Arizona roads and the things you can do to avoid it:

Dust storms

Dust storms are quite rampant in Arizona roads. Going through a dust storm will cause zero visibility and damages to your auto glass and paint.

The good thing about dust storms is you can spot one from afar. It often looks like dark clouds that goes down to the ground. If you spot one, pull over on a safe side and turn your flashers on. This way, when the storm gets into your location, other drivers can easily spot you.

After the dust storm has passed, wait until you have at least 300 feet of visibility before hitting the road again.

Strong monsoons

Another hazard that you may encounter on Arizona roads is monsoons. This can cause intense flooding that will put you in great risk on the road.

Before driving, always check the weather and monsoon updates. As much as possible, postpone your trip if a monsoon is expected to pass through your path.

If you happen to be on the road when the monsoon starts, avoid entering areas that are already flooded. Also, never leave your car near streams and bodies of water.

Extreme heat

Summer in Arizona can get really unforgiving. The temperature on the road can be at a minimum of 115F, making your car prone to overheating.

If you’re going for a long trip, always check if your car’s fluids are in ideal level. Aside from that, you should replace batteries and worn-out belts.

Since roadside problems may occur at any time, you should keep a repair kit at the trunk of your car. This way, you can fix minor problems on the go.

Flying debris 

During dust storms or strong winds due to a monsoon, objects may go flying into your windshield. It could be anything from pebbles to a small branch of a tree. All of these will cause cracks on your windshield. These cracks will affect your road visibility, putting at a higher risk of an accident.

So if your windshield got heavily damaged while you’re on the road, it’s best to pull over and call for help.

Animals on the road 

In Arizona, wildlife is the most active at dawn and dusk. At this time, visibility is also at a low for drivers. You may figure in an animal collision which isn’t only harmful for the wildlife, but also to you as the driver.

If you are to cross the arid lands of Arizona, it’s best to do so during the day. This is to prevent any animal collision incidents and other harm present in desert roads. Take note that the stretch of the U.S. 93 is dubbed as the most dangerous highway in the state. So if you are to cross this, always plan it during the day.