A Guide to Keeping Your Car Cool When it’s Hot

The summer season can bring scorching days. Aside from the debilitating heat that we experience, the temperature will also take its toll on our vehicles.  When you park your car under the sun for hours, its internal temperature can be as high as 172F, thus the term “hot car”.

Aside from the damage your car may sustain, deaths are also recorded due to suffocation when kids and pets were left inside hot cars. Also, no one wants to sit inside a sweltering vehicle.

So how can you keep your car cool during the summer season? Here are some hacks:

Let the air circulate

If you arrived at your car and it’s very hot, open the windows and turn your AC on. Instead of the recirculation mode, set the AC in fresh air mode. This will push the hot air out and suck in cool air.

After a few minutes, set the AC on its coldest mode. It may take a while, but you’ll soon feel the cooling effect.

Once you’re feeling the cool air, set the AC into the recirculation mode.

Use a sunshade

A sunshade is a reflective material that you’ll place on your dashboard and against your windshield. It works by deflecting the sunrays away from your car. This way, you can reduce the temperature.

To keep the sunshade in place, use the sun visor to press it against the windshield glass. Also, look for a sunshade with a cut out on the rearview mirror area that allows it to contour into the dashboard.

Park in a spot with shade

The best possible solution here is to look for a parking space with shade. Also, you can pay for a garage where you can secure your vehicle from direct sunlight.

Although you may walk a bit far, it’s worth it considering the discomfort of a hot car. Aside from that, you’re also reducing the excessive wear and tear on your car.

Crack the windows slightly open

Before you leave, make sure that you open the windows slightly to let the air circulate. However, don’t leave it too open as it may attract thieves. Also, remove any valuables insight that may interest those with dark pursuits.

The rule of thumb here is that the window should be open enough to let the air in but not big enough to fit a skinny arm.

Place blankets all over your seat

Vinyl and leather seats will get really hot when exposed under the sun. To keep your butt from being too toasty, place blankets all over the seat, preferably white or light-colored.

For your wheel, place a light-colored hand towel, especially if you don’t have a sunshade available. You simply have to toss the blankets into the trunk whenever you’re getting in.

Get your windows tinted

Another option that you have is to get your windows tinted. This will reduce the sunlight that will enter your car, which will also prevent excessive temperatures.

However, you must check the federal and state laws about tinted car windows first.