5 Tips for Better Sun Protection

In this blog post, I will share some tips in protecting your car. If you are not familiar, the sun can contribute to the ageing of your precious vehicle. Discoloration, hideous spots and other cracks can be because of the sun.

silver sports coupe on asphalt road

Safeguarding the interior of your car

Summer is when your car can be vulnerable. Its metal housing can absorb the heat, but its interior will react to extreme heat. It will be full of hot air just like an oven, and this can go up to 140 degrees or even more. In addition, your plastic, vinyl, and leather parts will ultimately crack, fade, and stain because of the sun’s vigorous rays. Here are some tips we all need to know:

  • Park where there is shade. This will keep the harmful sunlight away from your car. That will definitely protect your dashboard and other trim level interior. It is smart to open just a little bit your window so that the hot air inside your car can go outside. Less heat means less damage.
  • Spread that sun panels please. If you know your science, you know very well that glass can be a magnifying glass that can accelerate the sun’s bleaching consequences. Just put those protective sun panels in your windshield, side and rear windows. That owe to keep your car cooler and it can block the sun’s UV rays from heating your seats, dashboard and other areas that are uncovered.

Tips for the outer layer of your car

Now, this is more challenging because of the elements outside your vehicle. To add to the dirt your car encounter on the street, there is grease. During summer time, the air is full of pollen and other particles. Insects and bird drops can damage your car’s paint. When the sun becomes very strong, these droppings can be a permanent stain, and you will not like it for sure. The sun’s rays can fade the glossy finish and trim if you do not do anything about it. To keep it from its original appearance, here are some tips:

  • Wash your car as often. Use a mild type of soap and water frequently. This will take off the dust, dirt and other harmful substances to the car’s paint. Dry it right away with a soft microfiber cloth before the droplets of the water disappear and create some spots on your car.
  • After an extensive wash, you can do this once or even twice a year. Use a wax product that is of high quality. This will help block the sun’s harmful rays. Tips: do not apply wax when you are in direct sunlight. You might want to try paint protection film products that is just like waxing your car.
  • Stay in the shade. Keep your car inside your carport or find a shady place to park. If you chose a tree, make sure you check if there are any bird droppings or tree sap so you can wash it right away to avoid unnecessary dirt spots.

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