5 Things Your Auto Mechanic Wants You To Know

When your car malfunctions, it becomes a big problem. However, before you have your car repaired, you owe to know these 5 things.

When the law of nature takes control, nothing will be right. Emergencies can happen almost every time. When it comes to auto car business, they understand that your vehicle is a big part of your productivity.

man refilling motor oil on car engine bay

However, when you bring your car dirty or when its tank is empty, auto mechanics get sad over your car’s state… and yet you want it done ASAP for a cheap price? How can they repair it correctly and immediately when your car has unpleasant interiors and has an empty gas tank?

Here are the 5 things that your mechanic wants you to know but didn’t tell you.

  1. Bring your vehicle with gas in it. Test driving vehicles are essential to duplicate symptoms that the customer is complaining about. It is likewise another test drive after the repairs are done. Stopping to fill in the gas tank is such a waste of time and your bill will show it.
  1. Bring a clean car. When an interior work will be done like heater cores replacement, behind the dash, make sure your car is clean. It is hard for technicians to work with dirt all over the car much more a sweaty socks and sneakers that just came from the gym. It would be difficult for the person to work on such an environment. A little kindness is a blessing. 
  1. Let us value our time. Looking at the problem or condition of a vehicle will surely have a fee attached to it. It would be good if the auto body shop would tell its customers the labor hourly fee and how much the service will cost. To the car owners, call other auto care shops and do not forget to ask the shop’s labor cost to make sure the cost of your chosen shop has almost the same cost. 
  1. Have your wheel lock key ready. If your breaks our being checked or the tires are being rotated, give the wheel lock key to the technician. If not, at least put it in a place where it is easy to find. Looking for it is such a waste of time and that will surely be billed in your account. 
  1. What you paid for is what you get. If you want to use cheap parts like an oil filter, do not be surprised if it will not last long. You should at least have a semi-synthetic blend and a good quality filter. It can serve you for five months or 2,000 miles or even more every time you have an oil change. 

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