5 Car Repairs That You Should NOT Attempt Doing

You are probably enjoying fixing your vehicle, but there are just some things that you cannot do. Of course, you were able to do some fixing before but you need to know when it is right time to bring your car to the professionals. Never mind about saving a few dollars if in the end you are not confident that you can do it alone. No one will stop you if you want to give it a try, but in the end, it might even be more costly.

shallow focus photo of man looking at motorcycle headlight

Here are the things that you shouldn’t even attempt to do in repairing vehicles:

  1. Body work and paint

    You will be dealing with toxic products here like body filler, which will need tools. That alone is going to be a major issue. Another thing to consider is a good working area that has ample lighting and air. To be honest, fixing damaged body panels and painting it will definitely be messy, toxic, costly, and time consuming. This kind of repair obviously needs an expert or your car will end up with a lot of bubbles, sanding indentation, and other related issues. You don’t have to waste all the expensive materials for something that you can’t really do well.

  1. ECU fixes and tuning

    An engine control unit or ECU is a kind of electronic control unit that has a lot of series of actuators to make sure of the engine’s perfect performance. If you make a mistake, you are in for a new engine. Just remember one thing: don’t even try!

  2. Broken coil springs

    Never trust coil springs! Although it seems like a possible task for you, the stakes are high. The intense pressure is strong enough to kill a human being. Hand the job to the expert and spare yourself from an unfortunate accident.

  3. Fuel system repair

    Do remember that fuel systems have the ability to start a garage fire. If you don’t want to cause unnecessary panic among your neighbors, don’t even try. It will give you an intense headache as a consequence of direct exposure. Worse, it could leave you unconscious. Then, the most outrageous thing that can happen is that you can blow up your car and experience some nasty burns. You wouldn’t want that, right? So, the next time you need to replace your fuel pump, rails, injectors, or pressurized lines, go to an auto repair shop and leave the fixing to them.

  4. Brake plumbing and reservoir replacement

    This is seemingly easy to do, but if you do NOT do it right, it can put you in a very dangerous situation. It is important that a car will be able to break safely in order to avoid road accidents. So, if you attempt on fixing it yourself, breaks may not just work perfectly. Remember, if your master cylinder or line rusts, bring your car immediately to an auto repair shop.

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