5 Things toThink About Before Purchasing A Steering Wheel

A steering wheel is not just a simple rubber round thing that you use to navigate your car. It is much more than that. The steering wheel has a lot of effect on your ride comfort, car’s handling, and car safety. Those are the reason why you should choose sensibly.

Here are the things you should consider:

  • Size

    The size of the steering wheel is measured by diameter and millimeters. It is a crucial decision as the choices are so vast. There are at least 10 various steering wheel diameters.

Before anything else, think of what kind of driving you are doing and then examine your personal preference when it comes to accessibility.

  • Is your car mainly a vehicle designed to drive the public roads? Do you want to mostly track it? The choice will be a compromise. Smaller wheels need a smaller space, but you will need a lot of steering effort especially if your car has no power steering.
  • Are you the type to look through or above the wheel? If you have a bigger wheel, then it would weaken your visibility.

What is the effect of your wheel to the kind of seat you have? If you have a bigger wheel but your seat is deep, there could be an issue as to how easily you can get out of your car if you do not have the quick release feature.

  • Shape

    If you like a bigger wheel diameter but visibility matters to you, get an open or the cut top steering wheel. On the other hand, if what matters to you is an effortless exit from your car, then a flat bottom steering wheel is perfect for you and you could take off the quick release.

The quintessential formula car racing wheel shape is open on the top portion of the wheel but having a flat bottom. This type will surely give you great visibility without affecting the driving ability. Of course, having a flat bottom wheel makes sure that exiting in the car is easy and swift.

  • Dish 

    It is the space which is measured in millimeters from the mounting surface up to the middle line of the steering wheel grasp. It does matter because: number one, it is the space from the wheel to the driver and number two, the space of your hands from signal stalks if you have it.

Think of how you want to use your car. If you are driving a road using a typical car, your fingers will be distance away from the blinker and that can be irritating. On the other hand, a race car with a deep dish brings the wheel closer to the driver. The down side of it is that, it will be harder for you to go out of your car.

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