Why Do Car Heaters Fail?

Adequate heat is vital not just for winter, but for safe driving as well. A broken heating system is dangerous especially when you are deserted cold place. Your defroster might not work, which can result to another driving danger.

The heat that you enjoy comes from the engine’s coolant system. Once it attains the right temperature, which is monitored by the thermostat, both water and coolant moves through the valves of your car.

two white cars with open hoods

The following are the usual causes of heater failure:

  • Leaking cooling system

    • This can cause an inadequate antifreeze and water in its radiator. For a quick temporary fix, top off the fluid in your radiator.
    • But do not forget to have the coolant leak check by a mechanic. Just know that in newer vehicles, coolant does not require a routine service up to the time it reached 60,000 to 100,000 miles.
  • Defective thermostat.

    • The thermostat enables engine not to correctly warm up. Once this gets broken, you are in serious danger.
  • Busted blower fan.

  • Coolant is filled with rust, gunk, grime, or other elements.

    • The coolant is what aids control of the temperature inside your car. If there is an obstruction, it may cause major problems. When deposits builds up in the coolant and the heater core, it stops the heating core from letting air flow into the cabin properly. This is easily remedied by flushing the coolant system. If the problem is the build up of elements, a simple tubing replacement will do the job. Let your mechanic look at your coolant to make it work efficiently again.
  • Electrical issues.

    • There are cases when the problem is electrical in the car. You would know it when your blower motor is not working or there is no sound of air coming in. In which case, have your mechanic check the electrical system of your car. It could also be because of fuse, loose wire, or fan motor. This can be easily be fixed by just changing a fuse. If that does not work, then the issue is better handled by a skilled technician.

There are various elements that consists the heating system that is why it may be complicated for you to fix it. Get a good auto mechanic to determine the problem and to repair whatever the problem is.

The range of the cost of car heater’s repair can be from $300 to $1,000. The amount could vary due to additional problems that it has caused your vehicle. It is a good idea to have your heating system checked regularly by a skilled technician to know the coolant level and other parts like belts and hoses. If you notice your car isn’t as warm as it used to be, or perhaps the heater does not kick in, do not hesitate, bring your concern to a shop you can trust.

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